Why portability is needed?

Why portability is needed?

Why portability is needed?

Software that requires much environment-related configuration and tuning will cost time and effort as new versions move through the lifecycle. Portability saves time and mental overhead for anyone involved in moving new versions of the software across environments.

What is the key requirement for portability?

The prerequirement for portability is the generalized abstraction between the application logic and system interfaces. When software with the same functionality is produced for several computing platforms, portability is the key issue for development cost reduction.

What are the two guidelines for achieving portability?

Well-known strategies for achieving portability include use of standard languages, system interface standards, portable libraries and compilers, etc. These tools are important, but they are not a substitute for a consistent portability strategy during the development process.

What is an example of portability?

1. A term used to describe an object that can be easily moved, such as a portable computer. For example, a laptop is a good example of a portable computer.

What is meant by portability in economics?

Portability refers to an employee’s option to retain certain benefits when switching employers. Some pension plans and health insurance have portability.

What are portability issues?

Areas of challenge in application portability. There are four areas of concern in application portability, namely programming language and framework, platform-specific services, data store, and platform-specific configuration files [11].

What is the synonym of portability?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for portability, like: scalability, ease of use, manageability, expandability, user-friendliness, upgradeability, extensibility and configurability.

What is portability in Florida?

Homestead assessment difference transfer (“portability”) allows eligible Florida homestead owners to transfer their Save Our Homes (SOH) assessment limitation from their old homestead to a new homestead, lowering the assessed value for the new homestead.

What is portability quizlet?

Portability. The ability of an application to operate on different devices or software platforms.

What does portability mean in Hipaa?

HIPAA’s “portability” protection means that once a person obtains creditable health plan coverage, he or she can use evidence of that coverage to reduce or eliminate any preexisting medical condition exclusion period that might otherwise be imposed when moving to another health plan.

What is the opposite of portable?

Opposite of able to be carried or easily moved. immobile. immovable. irremovable. nonmobile.