Why are there so many Egyptian obelisks in Rome?

Why are there so many Egyptian obelisks in Rome?

Why are there so many Egyptian obelisks in Rome?

In fact Rome is the city with the largest number of obelisks in the world. Many of the Roman Emperors were fascinated by Egypt and the most sought after trophies of their conquests of the distant land of the Nile were obelisks, a divine symbol of the Pharaohs.

How many Egyptian obelisks are there in Rome?

The city of Rome harbours thirteen ancient obelisks; the most in the world. There are eight ancient Egyptian and five ancient Roman obelisks in Rome, together with a number of more modern obelisks; there was also until 2005 an ancient Ethiopian obelisk in Rome.

Where are the Egyptian obelisks in Rome?

cathedral of Rome San Giovanni
The oldest and largest Egyptian obelisk in Rome and the world stands in front of the cathedral of Rome San Giovanni in Laterano. It was originally brought to Rome in the 4th century to decorate the spina or spine of the Circus Maximus; it is over 3400 years old and soars to a height of 32 m or 90 ft.

Where are the 13 obelisks in Rome?

The 13 Obelisks of Rome

Name, Location Statistics
Rotonda Obelisk In front of Pantheon, Piazza della Rotonda Origin: Egypt @1400BC Height: 6.34m red granite
Minerva Obelisk Piazza della Minerva Origin: Egypt, @500BC Height: 5.5m Height w/Base: 12.67m
Celimontana Obelisk Villa Celimontana Origin: Egypt @1400BC Height: 2.68m

What is an obelisk purpose?

For Egyptians, the obelisk was a reverential monument, commemorating the dead, representing their kings, and honoring their gods. These monuments were representational in both structure and arrangement, serving as monuments with a complete structure of understanding.

How did Egyptian obelisks end up in Rome?

The obelisk in the centre of the Piazza del Popolo, known as the Flaminian Obelisk, was brought to Rome by Augustus to mark the anniversary of the conquest of Egypt. In Rome it was erected at the eastern end of the spina at the circus maximus.