Who presented the rail budget for 2012 13?

Who presented the rail budget for 2012 13?

Who presented the rail budget for 2012 13?

Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi
Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi, who presented the Railway Budget 2012-13 in Parliament today, has projected freight earnings at Rs 89,339 crore, a growth of 30.2 per cent over the current year revised target.

What is the total budget of railways in this budget year?

The Railway Ministry has been allocated Rs 140367.13 crore in the Union Budget on Tuesday – Rs 20,311 crore more than the revised figures of the previous fiscal.

What is the new initiative introduced by Indian Railways?

Meri Saheli Initiative
2020. Meri Saheli Initiative was launched to provide safety and security to lady passengers travelling by trains for their entire journey from originating station to terminating station. Dedicated teams of lady RPF personnel have been formed across all zonal railways for its implementation.

How much is railway allocated budget?

The budgetary allocation to Indian Railways for 2022-23 stood at ₹140,367.13 crore, which is 27.5% higher than the budgetary allocation of ₹110,054.64 crore in 2021-22 or 16.9% more than the revised estimate of ₹120,056.12 crore.

How much railway spend on salary?

Staff wages and pension together comprise two-thirds of the Railways’ expenditure. For 2020-21, the expenditure on staff is estimated at Rs 92,993 crore, which is 7% higher than the revised estimates of 2019-20.

When was Meri Saheli initiative launched?

September 2020
The “Meri Saheli” initiative was started as a pilot project in South Eastern Railway in September 2020 and after getting encouraging response from lady passengers, it was extended to all zones and KRCL w.e.f. 17.10. 2020. The operation is gathering momentum.

Which of the following Indian government institution recently introduced the Meri Saheli?

Indian Railways
Detailed Solution. The correct answer is Indian Railways. Indian Railways introduced the “Meri Saheli” initiative that will focus on the safety of women.

What is Orange Book in Indian Railways?

The Victorian Traction Industry Electrical Safety Rules (The Orange Book) provide the guiding electrical safety principles that support the development and review of companies’ policies and procedures relating to electrical safety.