Who trained Carlos Monzon?

Who trained Carlos Monzon?

Who trained Carlos Monzon?

Amilcar Brusa
Monzón would earn up to 50 pesos by winning loosely organized backstreet bouts. He began working his way up through the amateur ranks and came across the trainer who would shepherd him through the rest of his career and become a father figure and lifelong companion, Amilcar Brusa.

Who would win Hagler vs Monzon?

However, when rating them as punchers, I would say Monzon was the better overall two-handed puncher. They both had outstanding right hands (Monzon’s was a cross and Hagler’s was a hook). The difference was that Monzon’s left hook was significantly better than Hagler’s left cross.

Why did Monzon retire?

Contents. Monzón retired from boxing as a champion at the top of his game. However, his personal problems continued, and he was convicted of killing his wife in 1989. Sentenced to 11 years in jail, he died in a car crash during a weekend furlough in 1995.

Is boxer Carlos Monzon still alive?

January 8, 1995Carlos Monzón / Date of death

What is Monzon?

Monzón is a small city and municipality in the autonomous community of Aragon, Spain. Its population was 17,176 as of 2014. It is in the northeast (specifically the Cinca Medio district of the province of Huesca) and adjoins the rivers Cinca and Sosa. Monzón. Municipality.

Who beat Monzon?

fighter Rodrigo “Rocky” Valdez
On July 30, 1977 at the Luis II stadium in Monaco, the great Argentinian champion, Carlos Monzon defeated by unanimous decision in 15 rounds the brave Colombian fighter Rodrigo “Rocky” Valdez, to retain once again his Middleweight tittle of the WBA.

Where was Carlos Monzon born?

San Javier, ArgentinaCarlos Monzón / Place of birthSan Javier is a city in the northeast of the province of Santa Fe, Argentina, 156 km north-northeast from the provincial capital. It had about 13,000 inhabitants at the 2010 census [INDEC] and it is the head town of the San Javier Department. Wikipedia

What weight was Carlos Monzon?

159 lbsCarlos Monzón / Weight