Who owns toombul?

Who owns toombul?

Who owns toombul?

MirvacToombul / OwnerMirvac is an Australian property group with operations fully across the property investment, development, and retail services landscape. Wikipedia

What is happening with toombul Shopping Centre?

Australian property group Mirvac plans to close Brisbane’s Toombul Shopping Centre following extensive flood damage earlier this year.

Who owns toombul Shoppingtown?

Toombul Shopping Centre

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Developer Queensland
Management Queensland
Owner Queensland
No. of stores and services 146

Why is toombul closed?

Toombul Shopping Centre will not reopen in its current form after owner Mirvac decided the flood damage it suffered in February was too extensive to repair. The centre has been closed – and even subject to looting and vandalism – after being inundated by floodwater from Kedron Brook about 10 weeks ago.

Why is it called toombul?

It is thought that the name was an Aboriginal expression referring to a place with hoop pines. In 1838, a short way east of Sandgate Road where it is crossed by Kedron Brook-Schulz Canal, a Moravian mission for Aborigines was established.

How old is toombul mall?

55Toombul / Age (c. 1967)

How long will toombul be closed for?

six months
The centre owner’s parent company, Mirvac, confirmed the centre will remain closed for at least six months.

How long will toombul Shopping Centre be closed for?

Toombul Shopping Centre may not reopen for at least six months.

How long will toombul Shopping Centre be closed?

When did toombul Shopping Centre flood?

February 2022
Toombul Shopping Centre located in Brisbane’s northside was completely flooded during the rain fall in February 2022. Mirvac announced that the entire centre was fenced off on 11 March and closed for up to 8 months while the damage was assessed for structural and electrical issues in the shopping centre.

When did toombul Shopping Centre open?

October 11, 1967Toombul / Opened

When did toombul flood?