Who is the editor of the Idaho Statesman?

Who is the editor of the Idaho Statesman?

Who is the editor of the Idaho Statesman?

Idaho Statesman

Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) The McClatchy Company (since 2006)
Publisher Rusty Dodge
Editor Chadd Cripe

How much does the Idaho Statesman cost?

$159.99 for 1 year | Renews annually. Cancel anytime. Get unlimited access to stories on our website and app. Access to subscriber-only features, investigative reporting, and more.

WHO publishes Idaho Statesman?

McClatchy Company
Idaho Statesman is a daily newspaper published in Boise, Idaho. The paper is owned by the Sacramento, Calif. -based McClatchy Company.

How do I cancel my Idaho Statesman?

You can cancel your subscription by calling 208-377-6200 or by visiting www.IdahoStatesman.com/contact-us .

Why was Christina fired?

On Monday, McClatchy dismissed her for violating its social media policy, Lords told The Washington Post. The paper’s union publicly slammed the decision hours later, advocating not for one of its members but for the newsroom’s top manager in an unusual move.

Is the Idaho Statesman going out of business?

Idaho Statesman owner McClatchy declares bankruptcy.

Where is the Idaho Statesman printed?

The Statesman is now printed more than 100 miles away in Twin Falls. Thirty-thousand daily copies of the Statesman are now printed at the facility of the Times-News and shipped up the road to Boise for home delivery.

How do I contact the Idaho Statesman?

Contact Us

  1. Phone 208-377-6370 or 1-800-635-8934.
  2. Email [email protected].
  3. Email:[email protected], or call (208) 377-6333.
  4. (208) 377-6317.
  5. Library services: We’re sorry, but the Idaho Statesman does not have library services.

Who owns the McClatchy company?

Chatham Asset Management
In 2020, McClatchy transitioned to private ownership under Chatham Asset Management. Along the way, the work of journalists from our media companies has been honored with many awards, including more than 50 Pulitzer Prizes.

Who owns Idaho Press?

Adams Publishing Group
The Idaho Press is the second largest daily newspaper in the state of Idaho with a weekly audience reach of over 110,000 people. The Idaho Press is owned by Adams Publishing Group, a privately held, independent family-owned company.

What is the address for the Idaho Statesman?

1200 N Curtis Rd Boise
Idaho Statesman 1200 N Curtis Rd Boise, ID Publishers – MapQuest.

What hedge fund owns McClatchy?

McClatchy’s new hedge fund owner followed a similar path with two other media holdings. Chatham Asset Management, which took control of McClatchy Co. on Friday, followed a familiar path to ownership of the nation’s second-largest local news company.