What does funneling mean COC?

What does funneling mean COC?

What does funneling mean COC?

Instead of going inside, on the direction of the Town Hall, the troops will target useless buildings outside and will go around the village without actually doing any vital damage. • This is a very useful and popular tactic, it really works if the attacker doesn’t know how to “funnel” their troops.

Is Clash of Clans a real time strategy?

Clash of Clans breathed new life into the dying real-time strategy (RTS) genre with its unique gameplay concept, amazing 3D visuals, and a simple combat system that instantly clicked with the casual gaming crowd.

What is the best defense strategy in Clash of Clans?

Common Principles

  1. Place your Town Hall and Clan Castle in the center in order to provide maximum protection.
  2. Put your storages on the first layer of walls, more preferably on the outside.
  3. Do not put storages near the core as this will reduce the capability to defend the Town Hall.

Who invented RTS?

The term “real-time strategy” was coined by Brett Sperry to market Dune II in the early 1990s. In a real-time strategy game, each participant positions structures and maneuvers multiple units under their indirect control to secure areas of the map and/or destroy their opponents’ assets.

What’s the strongest defense in Clash of Clans?

The most important defenses are:

  • Mortars for horde troops, especially around Town Hall 6-8 where BARCH raids are common.
  • Air Defense for air units, once dragon and minion raids start to become common.
  • X-Bows for their all-around rapid rate of fire.
  • Wizard Towers for their splash damage.

Is there a strategy guide for Clash of clans?

This guide is not meant to be as detailed as the actual pages themselves. The strategy guide includes various links to pages relevant to Clash of Clans, and these pages have much more detail on the topics they are describing than the guide. You may also find these pages by using the search feature of the wiki.

How to get more resources in Clash of clans?

Our golden rule either way if your doing loads of attacks or just collect resources once a day is to always level up your resource-collectors first. This will bring you a steady income of resources for the rest of your Clash of Clans journey. Second tip, is to protect your resource storages with defensive buildings in middle of your base.

Are clan castle troops a good defense setup?

A Giant will continue to attack a turret even when there are clan castle troops behind it shooting. This can make clan castle troops a key part of a good defensive setup. Despite popular belief, “cool” looking bases are not better. When looking for inspirations of a base, you don’t want to base yours off of the Batman logo.