Who is Pakistani ambassador in Poland?

Who is Pakistani ambassador in Poland?

Who is Pakistani ambassador in Poland?

Malik Muhammad Farooq
Warsaw Our Team

S.No Name Designation
1 Malik Muhammad Farooq Ambassador
2 Mr. Muhammad Jaffar Deputy Head of Mission
3 Mr. Muhammad Zahid Bhatti Trade & Investment Counsellor

How can I attest documents from Pakistan Embassy?

issued by the departments of the Government of Pakistan needing attestation of the Embassy have to be first notarized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamabad or its four camp offices in the provincial capitals. Please also contact your relevant consulate for shipping and handling details.

How can I make appointment for Pakistan Embassy?

Consular Services » Online Appointment for Consular Services

  1. Phone: 0031 – 070 3648 948 (1000 to 1100) from Monday to Friday (Working days)
  2. The time frame for issuance of visas of each category is mentioned on the visa website.

Can I travel from Pakistan to Poland?

Am I allowed to travel from Pakistan to Poland? Yes, entry into Poland is currently allowed from Pakistan.

How can I attest a document at Embassy?

One Photocopy of each document which require attestation, to be submitted alongwith original. For attestation/legalization of documents by the Embassy, Proforma for Attestation of Documents (download here) must be submitted with the original documents.

How can I verify documents from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan?

Attestation of documents such as Power of Attorney, Special Power of Attorney, and Authority Letter should be signed by the executants personally in front of the Consular Officer. The executants must have original and photocopies of their passport, CNIC/NICOP or Smart Card.

When I can renew my Pakistani passport?

The Overseas Pakistani Passports holders can apply for renewal of their passports through online passport facility whose passports have expired or will expire within next 12 months.

Is Poland visa open for Pakistan?

The schengen visa is valid for 26 countries, means you can freely travel between any of the Schengen state countries once you enter in any Schengen country….Procedure to apply for Poland visa from Pakistan.

Visa Type Standard Visa
Poland Visa Fees in Pakistan 60 Euros (€)
Bank Statement 6 Months