Who is Al Davis son?

Who is Al Davis son?

Who is Al Davis son?

Mark DavisAl Davis / Son

Raiders coach Hue Jackson said Al Davis “had his hand on that ball.” Jackson was highly emotional in victory, as well as Davis’s son Mark Davis. Jackson said, “One thing coach [Davis] always taught me was he said: ‘Hue, don’t believe in plays.

Did Al Davis have any kids?

Mark DavisAl Davis / Children

Is Raiders owner Mark Davis related to Al Davis?

As owner of the Oakland Raiders, inheriting the position after his father, Al Davis, died in 2011, Mark was determined to bring the NFL franchise back to prominence and heartfully believed Gruden was the best man for the job.

Does Al Davis have a daughter?

Carol Davis (American football) – Wikipedia.

Who is Mark Davis Father?

Al DavisMark Davis / Father

Does Mark Davis have family?

Al Davis
Carol DavisJerry DavisLouis DavisRose Davis
Mark Davis/Family

Who are the minority owners of the Las Vegas Raiders?


Person Teams Titles
F. Wayne Valley Raiders Majority Co-Owner, Principal Owner
Al Davis Raiders Minority Co-Owner/General Manager, Principal Owner/General Manager
Ed McGah Raiders Minority Co-Owner
Mark Davis Raiders Owner, Principal Owner

Does Carol Davis own the Raiders?

Carol Davis may refer to: Carol Davis (American football), owner of the Las Vegas Raiders. Carol Anne Davis (born 1961), Scottish crime novelist and writer on crime.

Is Mark Davis a billionaire?

With a net worth of about $500 million, Mark Davis is probably the poorest boss in the NFL. Mark Davis inherited the Oakland Raiders from his father and it was he who helped usher in the team’s upcoming move to Los Angeles.

Where does Mark Davis get his money?

Upon the elder Davis’s death, Mark along with his mother Carol Davis inherited ownership of the Raiders, with Mark taking over as operating head of the franchise. As of October 2015, Davis has an estimated $500 million net worth.