Who does Saudi Arabia export oil to the most?

Who does Saudi Arabia export oil to the most?

Who does Saudi Arabia export oil to the most?

In 2020, Saudi Arabia exported $95.7B in Crude Petroleum. The main destinations of Saudi Arabia exports on Crude Petroleum were China ($24.7B), Japan ($15.1B), South Korea ($12.8B), India ($11.1B), and United States ($6.59B).

How much oil does Saudi Arabia export?

According to projections for 2020, the export volume of oil from Saudi Arabia was 7.24 million barrels per day. The total oil export volume for the entire Gulf Cooperation Council region for 2020 was projected at 13.3 million barrels per day.

Where are most of Saudi Arabia’s oil fields located?

They are predominantly found in the Eastern Province. These reserves were apparently the largest in the world until Venezuela announced they had increased their proven reserves to 297 Gbbl in January 2011. The Saudi reserves are about one-fifth of the world’s total conventional oil reserves.

Who is the biggest buyer of Saudi oil?

Crude Oil Sales In Barrels By Destination And In Percentages

Country Percent
1 Japan 21%
2 China 17%
3 United States 15%
4 South Korea 14%

What does Saudi Arabia export other than oil?

Saudi Arabia possesses around 17 per cent of the world’s proven petroleum reserves. The oil and gas sector accounts for about 50 per cent of gross domestic product, and about 70 per cent of export earnings. Apart from petroleum, the Kingdom’s other natural resources include natural gas, iron ore, gold, and copper.

Is Saudi Arabia the largest oil exporter?

The United Arab Emirates surpassed Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil exporter in 2019. Saudi Arabia recaptured the top spot, based on 2020 figures.

Does Saudi Arabia sell oil to Russia?

In a power play, the Saudis decided in March of that year to swamp the market with more oil to force its will on Russia, increasing their production from 9.7 million barrels a day to 12.3 million.