Where do I find the source of the ash spawn attacks?

Where do I find the source of the ash spawn attacks?

Where do I find the source of the ash spawn attacks?

It turns out the source of the attacks derives from Ildari’s sarcophagus in the graveyard just north-east of Tel Mithryn, specifically from a Heart Stone in it.

Where is Neloth’s attacker?

Neloth is being attacked by an unknown assailant. I discovered the source of the attacks was a heart stone hidden in Ildari Sarothril’s grave. Neloth has divined that his former apprentice is still alive and seeking vengeance on him.

How do I investigate the shrine of Miraak?

After you have talked to Adril Arano about Miraak, you need to investigate the Shrine. Leave the Raven Rock Docks and follow the marker on your compass, it will take you to the Earth Stone Shrine, which is located a bit to the southwest of Raven Rock.

How do you get to Miraak in Skyrim?

Dragonborn. Shortly after the quest “The Way of the Voice,” two Cultists will call out and ask the Dragonborn if they are truly Dragonborn. After the conversation they will attack. After they are killed, a note with orders to kill the “False” Dragonborn in order to please Miraak will be found on one of their bodies.

What happens if you touch the earth stone?

Touching the Earth Stone temporarily puts the Dragonborn into a trance as well, working as a stone mason, movement will break the trance though. Something Neloth observes with interest.

Can I go to Solstheim before cultists?

Can I go to Solstheim without being dragonborn because I have a dark elf character that I don’t want to be a part of the main story of the game (being dagonborn)… Nope. You can’t. You have to complete The Way of the Voice, which is part of the MQ, and wait to be approached by cultists to travel to Soltheim.

Does Miraak’s body disappeared?

Used the console commands to resurrect him and he floated up through the floor, then killed him and looted the body. Hope that helps. i used tcl to go through the floor and looted his corpse there.