Where can I swim in Taranaki?

Where can I swim in Taranaki?

Where can I swim in Taranaki?

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Beach Location
Kaupokonui River at Beach Domain Kaupokonui, Taranaki Kaupokonui, Taranaki
Lake Opunake at boat ramp Opunake, Taranaki Opunake, Taranaki
Lake Ratapiko at boat ramp Ratapiko, Taranaki Ratapiko, Taranaki
Lake Rotomanu at Western Beach (perimeter) New Plymouth, Taranaki New Plymouth, Taranaki

Can you swim in the North Island of New Zealand?

Whale Bay is located in Northland (where many of the best beaches in New Zealand are located!) This tiny bay is one of the most beautiful and calm bays on the North Island. It sees little to no surf so it’s perfectly safe for swimming.

Can you swim in NZ ocean?

A large part of New Zealand’s natural beauty is our ever-inviting beaches and waterways. We’re a nation that loves to swim in the great outdoors, be it in the sea, rivers or lakes, but beautiful swimming holes and beaches can also be deadly if not treated with the utmost respect.

Where can you swim in Wellington?

Swimming water quality

  • Days Bay. Wharf. Suitable for swimming.
  • Days Bay. Wellesley College. Suitable for swimming.
  • Days Bay. Moana Road. Suitable for swimming.
  • Oriental Bay. Wishing Well. Suitable for swimming.
  • Oriental Bay. Freyberg Beach.
  • Oriental Bay. Band Rotunda.
  • Owhiro Bay. Owhiro Bay.
  • Wellington Harbour. Taranaki St Dive Platform.

Is back beach safe to swim?

Most surfers are confident with the conditions but swimmers often get in trouble with powerful rips and waves. There is no Surf Life Saving patrol at Back Beach but beach goers can travel north to Paritutu Beach where East End Surf Life Saving Club run patrols on summer weekends.

Can you swim at Waiinu Beach?

The black, iron stained sands of Wai-Inu Beach Domain are perfect for swimming, boarding and boating. Facilities at this coastal campground include children’s playground, modern toilets, separate sink for dishes, cold showers and rubbish bins.

Can you swim in blue lake NZ?

Is the Blue Lake safe for swimming? Yes it is. The beach directly over from Blue Lake TOP 10 Holiday Park Rotorua is very safe for swimming with a gentle grade into a clear, freshwater lake. The beach is great for families and young children and there is also a pontoon that can be enjoyed as well.

Can you swim in NZ rivers?

Water quality Know how to spot potentially toxic algae in rivers or lakes so you can avoid it. Avoid swimming near potential sources of contamination such as flocks of birds, storm water or waste water outlets.

Is there crocodiles in NZ?

Rest assured there are no snakes or crocodiles. We do have one poisonous spider (the Katipo) – sightings of which are about as common as that of the Yeti. The most dangerous creature you are likely to encounter is a grumpy possum.

Where is the warmest water in NZ?

Warmest water I’ve found in NZ! – Whangamata Beach

  • South Pacific.
  • New Zealand.
  • North Island.
  • Waikato Region.
  • Coromandel Peninsula.
  • Whangamata.
  • Whangamata – Things to Do.
  • Whangamata Beach.

Is Oriental Bay safe to swim?

Unsuitable for swimming – The current prediction is that this site has a high health risk and is unlikely to meet national water quality guidelines for swimming.