How do you vote on Dancing With Stars?

How do you vote on Dancing With Stars?

How do you vote on Dancing With Stars?

Fans can vote during the appropriate period every week at An account is required in order to vote online. However, registration is easy to do and only requires your email address. To vote on, you must be at least 18 years old and in the U.S. or Puerto Rico.

How much does it cost to vote on Dancing With the Stars?

99 cents
Each celebrity and dancer pairing receives half of their score from the judges, and half via public vote. Making a vote costs 99 cents, with 95 cents going through after a small fee from the text service provider.

How many votes do you get to vote on Dancing with the stars?

You can submit up to 13 votes on and up to 13 votes via toll-free phone voting, for a total of 26 votes across all voting methods that week. For more information on how to vote for Dancing with the Stars , visit the Vote FAQ.

How do I vote in the DWTS finale?

With one episode remaining, four couples are still in the running to be crowned the newest DWTS champions. How do I vote during the finale? Tonight is the last chance for fans to vote for their favorite couple in the DWTS finale. You can vote either by SMS text or online via

How many people are left on ‘Dancing with the stars’?

The finale of Dancing With the Stars season 30 is here. Tonight, fans will know who will take home the mirrorball trophy after ten weeks of intense work and dancing. Only four celebrities are left and they will have to show their skills one more time to get the prize.

How many times can you vote on’Dancing with the stars’?

Here are the numbers for voting: You can cast a total of 10 votes per voting method per contestant, meaning that you’re able to vote for your favorite pair up to 20 times if you utilize the online tools as well as text messages. The semi-finals will be the first episode featuring two full dances from each remaining partnership on the show.