What type of parasite is Orobanche?

What type of parasite is Orobanche?

What type of parasite is Orobanche?

Broomrapes (Orobanche spp.) are aggressive root parasitic weeds, which attack strategic food crops, such as legumes and vegetables, and threaten the livelihood of many nations.

Is Orobanche total root parasite?

While Orobanche/ Balanophora is a total root parasite. It attaches to the root of the plant and absorbs water and nutrition from the soil thus restricting the plant from absorbing water and nutrition.

What does the Orobanche look like?

They are best recognized by the yellow- to straw-coloured stems completely lacking chlorophyll, bearing yellow, white, or blue snapdragon-like flowers. The flower shoots are scaly, with a dense terminal spike of 10-20 flowers in most species, although single in one-flowered broomrape (Orobanche uniflora).

Is Striga total root parasite?

Some of the parasitic plants are Rafflesia (total root parasite), Cuscuta (total stem parasite), Viscum (partial stem parasite), Loranthus (partial stem parasite), Striga (partial root parasite), Balanophora (total root parasite), Orobanche (total root parasite) etc.

How does Orobanche get its food?

broomrape, (genus Orobanche), genus of about 150 species of parasiticannual or perennial herbs (family Orobanchaceae). Broomrapes produce little or no chlorophyll; instead, they draw nourishment from the roots of other plants by means of small suckers called haustoria.

How do you control Orobanche?

Farmers should be instructed to use fermented manure, as fermentation process kills the seeds of the parasite. Pre-plant composting fresh manure under plastic mulch in the planting rows causes Orobanche seeds to lose viability within six weeks, and reduces Orobanche ramosa infestation on many vegetables.

What does the Orobanche plant feed on?

Plants that it targets are tomato, eggplant, potato, cabbage, coleus, bell pepper, sunflower, celery, and beans. In heavily infested areas, branched broomrape can cause total crop failure.

What kind of plant is Orobanche?