What roads are closed for London Marathon?

What roads are closed for London Marathon?

What roads are closed for London Marathon?

London Marathon: Road closures

  • Charlton Way, Greenwich – 4am-1pm.
  • Shooters Hill Road – 4am-1pm.
  • Little Heath – 7am-1pm.
  • Charlton Park Lane – 7am-1pm.
  • Artillery Place – 7am-1pm.
  • John Wilson Street – 7am-1pm.
  • Woolwich Church Street – 7am-2pm.
  • Woolwich Road – 7am-2pm.

What roads are closed for London Marathon 2021?

London Marathon 2021 road closures explained

  • Red Start, Charlton Way 04:00/13:00.
  • Blue Start, Shooters Hill Road 04:00/13:00.
  • 1, Red Route: Charlton Road 07:00/13:00.
  • 1, Blue Route: Shooters Hill Road 07:00/13:00.
  • 2, Red Route: Little Heath 07:00/13:00.
  • 2, Blue Route: Charlton Park Lane 07:00/13:00.

What time do roads close for London Marathon?

Roads will be closed across south east and central London between 4am and 7pm.

What bridges are closed for the London Marathon?

Roads Closed from 8am until 7pm Sunday 3 October: Tower Bridge. The Highway (South Side)…Which roads are closed for the London Marathon 2021?

  • Little Heath.
  • Charlton Park Lane.
  • Artillery Place.
  • John Wilson Street.

Are there toilets along the London Marathon route?

Before the race, you will go to every toilet you see. You will deeply regret getting on the ONLY train up to London with no toilets, having drunk gallons of water. You will obsess about whether you need a wee or a poo all morning. If you are a lady, however, it is unlikely that you will enjoy the female urinals.

Where can I avoid the London Marathon?

Travelling to and from the race TfL recommends avoiding these stations as they will be very busy: Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich, Canary Wharf, Shadwell and Tower Gateway on the DLR. Canary Wharf, Canada Water, London Bridge and Westminster on the Jubilee line. Canada Water and Shadwell on the London Overground.

Is Rotherhithe tunnel closed for London Marathon?

Rotherhithe Tunnel, Tower Bridge, Southwark Bridge and Westminster Bridge will also be closed.

What happens if you need the toilet during a marathon?

6/ Schedule a pre-race toilet trip Running causes your body to divert blood from your GI tract to your muscles, which, if you have much of anything in your system, can contribute to diarrhoea.

Where can I shower after London Marathon?

After sitting in a cold bath or applying ice to your body, go straight into a hot shower or spa pool. Stay there until you feel hot and your legs are flushed red with blood. Then go back to the cold water or ice and repeat the process several times.