What is the main idea of dekada 70?

What is the main idea of dekada 70?

What is the main idea of dekada 70?

Dekada ’70 is a film about the life of a Filipino family during the time of Marcos’ Martial Law, however, it is also about women’s empowerment. One of the members of the family was involved in an organization fighting for democracy, albeit, an activist, the whole family’s situation is really tossed around.

What is the theme of the story dekada?

Dekada ’70 is a mixture of themes to raise social consciousness, political awareness and a dash of feminist heart. This mixture gives a redefined flavor that distinguishes itself from others.

Is dekada 70 true story?

“You encounter audience members who ask, ‘Is this real? ‘” recalls Valera. “These audience members are as young as 12 or 13. (I tell them) it’s fiction, but it’s based on real events.

What kind of story is dekada 70?

Filipino historical drama film
‘The ’70s’) is a 2002 Filipino historical drama film directed by Chito S. Roño and based on the 1983 novel of the same name by Lualhati Bautista. Set in the Philippines during the period of martial law under Ferdinand Marcos, the film follows the struggles of the middle-class Bartolome family.

What is the conclusion of dekada 70?

And at the end of the movie, the Bartolome family rallies with the resistance movement to overthrow Ferdinand Marcos out of his presidential position which although never shown, they succeeded.

What is the ending of dekada 70?

Unfortunately, in the end, it was Jason’s felonious tendencies that caused him his life; it wasn’t his fault, but he was out with his usual round of pecadillos that the police accidentally killed Jason. Sometime before he was sent to prison, Jules himself met a girl he wanted to marry.

What is the point of view of the story dekada 70?

The story was told in the point of view of Amanda Bartolome, a wife with a chauvinist husband and a mother to five sons. In the first chapters of the book, we see Amanda as a submissive wife wondering about her stagnant growth as a person.

Why the story is entitled dekada 70?

Dekada ’70 , originally an award winning novel by Lualhati Bautista, is the story of an average middle class family caught in the midst of the politically and socially tumultuous decade of the ’70s, hence the name Dekada ’70 .

Who is the author of dekada 70?

Lualhati BautistaDekada ’70 / Author

What was the setting and how did the characters react to the setting of dekada 70?

The setting of the novel, Dekada ’70, was during the Martial Law era or the rise of the military in the history of the Philippines under the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos. He exposed Jules. His friendship was all a front. Jules was subsequently sent to prison.

Who is the protagonist in dekada 70?

Amanda Bartolome
Dekada 70 journeys with the central character Amanda Bartolome (Vilma Santos), the reticent wife of an alpha-male husband, and the worrying mother of a boisterous all-male brood.