What qualifications do I need to teach English in Spain?

What qualifications do I need to teach English in Spain?

What qualifications do I need to teach English in Spain?

Qualifications needed Private academies: bachelor’s degree and/or a TEFL certificate. Public schools: a Spanish teaching degree, residency, and a passing grade on the rigorous state exams (oposiciones) Private schools: teaching certification from your home country.

Are English teachers in demand in Spain?

Spain has an incredibly high demand for English teachers, so jobs are easy to come by, whether in a small town in Andalucia or in a big city such as Madrid.

What countries let you teach English without a degree?

10 Countries where you can teach English without a degree

  • Cambodia. Cambodia is a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia thanks to its ancient temples, such as Angkor Wat, and its incredible beaches in the South.
  • Mexico.
  • Costa Rica.
  • Nicaragua.
  • Argentina.
  • Russia.
  • Spain.
  • Romania.

Can you get a TEFL certificate without a degree?

You don’t HAVE to have a degree to participate in TEFL courses or to be eligible for many EFL teaching jobs around the world, nor do you have to be a native English speaker. However, many international schools will only hire non-degree holders who have completed at least a 100+ hour TEFL certificate training course.

How much do TEFL teachers get paid in Spain?

On average, English teachers in Spain can expect to make anywhere between 700€ – 1,100€ ($800 – $1,250 USD) per month through a Government Program with the option to earn additional income through private tutoring (€15-€25 / $17-$29 USD per hour) and teaching English online ($10-$20 USD per hour).

Is it easy to get a TEFL job in Spain?

If you’re from outside the EU it’s very difficult to legally work teaching English in Spain, as employers can only sponsor a visa if an EU citizen can’t fill the position. An option for non-EU citizens is to enter the country on a student visa, which allows you to work for a limited number of hours per week.

Can I teach English in Portugal without a degree?

In order to teach English abroad in Portugal, you will need to have a 4-year university degree and an accredited TEFL certification. Classroom experience is also often required: usually a minimum of 100 hours or 1 year of previous teaching experience. Native English language speakers are preferred.

Where can I teach abroad without a degree?

Where can you teach abroad without a degree

  • Cambodia. Teaching jobs in Cambodia can have you earning money while you travel ASAP.
  • Costa Rica.
  • Brazil.
  • Greece.
  • Spain.
  • Romania.
  • Mexico.
  • India.

Do I need a PGCE to teach in Spain?

You must have a degree in your subject and a recognised teaching qualification, e.g. a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in the UK. Members of Council of International Schools require at least two years’ teaching experience, but this may vary from school to school, depending on the competition.

Do you need a degree to teach English in Spain?

There is no legal requirement for English teachers to have a degree and demand is so high that most employers are also unconcerned about your degree status. What are the requirements for teaching English in Spain?

Can non-EU teachers teach English in Spain?

This type of visa is very uncommon for non-EU English teachers to receive in Spain as you need an employer to sponsor you in order to obtain one. Work visas are only typically given to those teachers working in public schools through the Ministry of Education program or international schools.

How can I find work teaching English in Spain?

English teachers in Spain have a variety of options for finding work, this is one of the reasons why it’s so popular among ITA graduates. From government and student visa programs to English summer camps and private tutoring in-person and online, the job opportunities are available for the taking.

Can I teach English in Spain with TEFL/CELTA certification?

If you’re TEFL/CELTA certified, it’s definitely possible to get a contractual teaching job at a private school or language academy in Spain. These are full-time positions that include a monthly salary, benefits, and vacation time. You will be the primary teacher in your classroom and will need to have some prior teaching experience.