What kind of engine does Saturn have?

What kind of engine does Saturn have?

What kind of engine does Saturn have?

The powerplant used in Saturn S-Series automobiles was a straight-4 aluminum piston engine produced by Saturn, a subsidiary of General Motors….Saturn I4 engine.

Saturn engine
Valvetrain SOHC 2 valves x cyl. DOHC 4 valves x cyl.
Compression ratio SOHC: 9.3:1 DOHC: 9.5:1
Fuel system Throttle-body fuel injection Sequential MPFI

Who makes the engines for Saturn?

GM also increased its stake in Isuzu from 34% to 49%. GM would use a Honda engine in a future vehicle, and Honda would use diesel engines from GM partner Isuzu Motors Ltd. We now know that Saturn in GM got a Honda V6 and Honda got the right to use diesel engines, primarily for the European market, for its smaller cars.

Did Saturn make a V8?

Certain Mallet Saturn Sky V8 conversions featured the somewhat dated 400-horsepower 6.0L LS2 V8 engine, but the model being sold on BaT is packing a massive 7.0L LS7 V8, which is rated at 505 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque.

Did Saturn use Honda engines?

The L81 V6 from the L-Series and five-speed Aisin AF33 automatic transmission were initially offered, but starting in 2004, all six-cylinder Vues were equipped with Honda’s 250-horsepower (190 kW) J35A3 engine and a Honda transmission….First generation (2002)

First generation
Platform GM Theta platform

Why did GM stop making Saturn?

Saturn, a GM company that had great promise in the early 1990s, ultimately failed because senior GM leaders couldn’t see the benefits of new ways of doing things and a new kind of organizational culture.

Did Saturn use GM engines?

The first significant change came with the 2000 Saturn L-Series mid-size car. It shared the GM2900 platform with the Opel Vectra, along with its engine. It was built at a GM factory in Wilmington, Delaware. The 2000 model year cars were designated LS-1 (4 cylinder) and LS-2 (6 cylinder.)

Will GM bring back Saturn?

Just for the record, we are absolutely positive that GM won’t be bringing back Saturn. With the electric revolution happening right now, all of the car companies have plenty to do. There are no companies wanting to launch a new brand in this atmosphere.