What is traditional gift for 11th anniversary?

What is traditional gift for 11th anniversary?

What is traditional gift for 11th anniversary?

The traditional eleventh anniversary gift is made from strong, durable steel to symbolize your marital bond. The modern eleventh anniversary gift is jewelry. The 11-year anniversary gemstone is turquoise, so you can meld modernity and tradition by offering a piece of turquoise jewelry.

What is the metal for 11 year anniversary?

After the milestone 10th wedding anniversary, the 11th anniversary may seem like an uneventful year, although it’s anything but. Tradition calls for celebrating this year with steel—it’s a material that’s symbolic of the longevity of your marriage and of staying strong to one another.

What is the 11th year of marriage called?

Wedding Anniversaries Gifts and Names by Year

Year Anniversary Name Modern Gift or Present
11th Steel Jewellery
12th Silk Pearls
13th Lace Textiles
14th Ivory Gold Jewellery

What is the modern 11 year anniversary gift?

The traditional 11th anniversary gift is steel which is representative of strength while the modern iteration is jewelry, and though all anniversaries are special, an 11th anniversary gift deserves extra special thought and attention.

How do you celebrate your 11th wedding anniversary?

If you’re celebrating the 11th anniversary and want to stick to a symbolic gift, be on the lookout for steel (the traditional material) or fashion jewelry (the modern theme). You can also shop for the 11th anniversary stone (turquoise) or the anniversary’s flower (tulips).

Which anniversary is stainless steel?

Think: watches, jewelry, and other sweet keepsakes made of reworked steel or even stainless steel (which looks v chic and still technically counts, okay?). Surprisingly enough, the number of 11th anniversary gift ideas is kinda endless.

What is the color for 11 year anniversary?


9th Ninth Terracotta
10th Tenth Silver
11th Eleventh Turquoise
12th Twelfth Oyster White

What is a steel anniversary?

Representing the strength and resilience of a marriage, steel is the traditional 11 year anniversary gift, and this collection contains some gorgeous ideas which use the metal to surprising effect.