What is the twist in Dark Knight Rises?

What is the twist in Dark Knight Rises?

What is the twist in Dark Knight Rises?

The biggest reveal at the end of The Dark Knight Rises was that Miranda Tate was actually a secret identity for Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter, Talia Al Ghul. Talia Al Ghul literally stabs Bruce in the back and confesses that she’s a part the League of Shadows, revealing Bane’s backstory as well.

Is Bruce Wayne alive at the end of Dark Knight Rises?

With no way to stop the detonation, Batman decided to use the Bat and flew the bomb away from the bay, so it wouldn’t explode over the city. Batman was then presumed dead. But, the end of the film revealed that Bruce was alive and well, living in Europe with Selina.

Is Bane Ra’s al Ghul son in The Dark Knight Rises?

Bane’s Backstory When Bruce is thrown in the same pit Talia grew up in, he learns of Ra’s al Ghul’s child that escaped the underground prison. It’s assumed by both Bruce and audience that the child was Bane. But in the flashback scene, the child who escaped is not wearing a mask.

Why did Catwoman betray Batman?

Catwoman is guilty of selfishness and an apparent lack of empathy. Her betrayal is framed as a desperate attempt to save her own life. She is unwilling to feel remorse until she witnesses Bane’s savage beating of Batman, finally resulting in a change of heart.

What was Bane’s motive?

Bane wants to prove himself as their leader. Not just out of love, but out of moral and personal duty. He also believes Gotham City is corrupt due to finding Gordon’s letter and working with John Daggett.

Why is Bruce Wayne crippled in The Dark Knight Rises?

As we see in the Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne seems to have suffered crippling injuries due to his work as Batman that prevent him from being able to walk without the aid of a cane. Despite this, he is able to immediately become the Batman again with merely a knee brace.

Why did Talia sleep with Bruce?

It could be that Miranda Tate/Talia Al’Ghul’s motivation was as simple as reducing Bruce Wayne’s emotional and mental defenses. She may have also decided he was totally hot and may have just wanted to have sex with one of the most eligible bachelors of his day and age.

Does the Dark Knight Rises (2012) have a plot twist?

Some articles have attacked The Dark Knight Rises (2012) for its plot twist. Many complain that the plot twist ruined the movie by destroying Bane’s earlier character development and making him into Talia’s puppet.

Why did Batman intervene in the Dark Knight 2?

Despite his tarnished reputation after the events of The Dark Knight (2008), in which he took the rap for Dent’s crimes, Batman feels compelled to intervene to assist the city and its Police force, which is struggling to cope with Bane’s plans to destroy the city.

What happened to the nuclear bomb in the Dark Knight Rises?

As The Dark Knight Rises reaches its ending, Commissioner Gordon and his men try to trace the nuclear bomb that threatens to blow Gotham off the map. The bomb is said to be in one of three military trucks which are being driven through the city to avoid detection.

Is the Dark Knight Rises’ Miranda Tate an original character?

When Cotillard first joined the The Dark Knight Rises cast, her character was announced as Miranda Tate – a businesswoman that fans assumed was an original Christopher Nolan creation. It was a reasonable assumption given the director had already introduced a slew of original characters in his first two Batman movies.