How do you use NIVEA Men soothing post shave balm?

How do you use NIVEA Men soothing post shave balm?

How do you use NIVEA Men soothing post shave balm?

NIVEA Sensitive Post Shave Balm, formulated with moisturizers, vitamins, and chamomile extracts that combine to sooth and calm skin. Apply a small amount to the face and neck every day after shaving. For best results, shave with Nivea for Men Shaving Foam or Shaving Gel.

What is the best post shave balm for men?

The 10 Best Aftershave Balms for Men in 2022

  • L’Occitane Multi-Grooming Balm.
  • Pacific Shaving Co.
  • Solo Noir Brave Aftershave Toner.
  • American Shaving Aftershave Balm.
  • Mod Cabin Glacier Aftershave Balm.
  • Rockwell Razors Aftershave Balm.
  • Gillette Sensitive Skin Aftershave Lotion.
  • Cremo Cooling Post-Shave Balm.

Can I use Nivea Post Shave Balm as moisturizer?

Take care of your skin with NIVEA MEN Maximum Hydration Post Shave Balm. This post shaving balm is specially formulated for men, to soothe and moisturize skin after shaving. NIVEA Maximum Hydration Post Shave Balm for Men is enriched with Aloe Vera, Provitamin B5 and other moisturizers to replenish the skin’s moisture.

Which is better after shave lotion or balm?

Aftershave Balm serves the same purpose as lotion – to soothe your skin after shaving. Unlike Aftershave Lotion, Aftershave Balm generally does not contain alcohol and is designed to moisturise. It’s thicker and creamier than Aftershave Lotion.

Is Post Shave balm a Moisturiser?

By contrast, post-shave balms are formulated more like moisturisers. Post-shave lotions usually have a fairly thin consistency and are quickly absorbed into the skin. Similarly, a post-shave gel is also very light and easily absorbed, but differently from a lotion, a gel does not contain any oil.

Should I use post shave balm?

Reaching for a post-shave balm is the best thing you can do after you’ve suffered from a painful shave. They’re specifically designed to soothe sore and irritated skin as well as aid in the healing process.