What is the secret code for Baldi?

What is the secret code for Baldi?

What is the secret code for Baldi?

211249 is Baldi in alphanumeric code. 452514291514 is detention in alphanumeric code. Each of these have something to do with each of the classic staff members. Baldi is Baldi’s name, detention is what the Principal gives, and sweeping time is what Gotta Sweep likes.

Does Baldi have a wife?

Susan – Baldi’s wife. She never appeared in the game series. Andrew – Baldi’s son. He never appeared in the game series.

Who is the girl in Baldi?

Playtime is a character who appears in the Baldi’s Basics series. She is a little girl that roams the halls of the Schoolhouse or Super Schoolhouse, acting as a significant obstacle for the player.

How old is Baldi teacher?

Baldi is about 29 years old. Baldi’s birthday is on June 3. mystman12 originally intended for Baldi to teach more subjects than just math, but due to the time limit in the Meta Game Jam, and also to make it more fair to international players, he ultimately decided to use only one subject for the original version.

What is Baldis impossible question?

By typing in the number “31718”, you will unlock the secret known as “This Is Where It All Began”, which teleports you to the test room used during the game’s creation.

What is Baldi phone number?

Please call 215-400-3090 for any questions.

What is the answer to Baldi’s scribble question?

Who is Joe in Baldi’s basics?

Joe is a character from the unreleased pinball game Joe. In Baldi’s Basics Plus, he is the former owner of Baldi’s bus and is an unseen character although his appearance is known. He had his bus taken by Baldi.

What is the answer to Baldi’s impossible question?

Is Baldi a killer?

Baldi is a Killer in Midnight Horrors. He was re-added in Version 1.8. 10. He is based off of the main antagonist, Baldi, from Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning.

What is Baldis real name?

Baldi Baldimore
Baldi Baldimore, better known by his first name Baldi, is the titular main antagonist of Baldi’s Basics in Education & Learning and Baldi’s Basics Field Trip.