What is the record for most missed field goals in a game?

What is the record for most missed field goals in a game?

What is the record for most missed field goals in a game?

Jim Bakken has missed the most field goals in a game, with 6 misses against the Falcons on December 11, 1966.

Who broke the longest field goal in NFL history?

Justin Tucker’s Record 66-Yard Field Goal The booming 66-yarder bounced off the bottom of the crossbar and into the net. Just like that, Tucker not only won the game for his team at Ford Field but set the record for longest field goal in NFL history. Tucker broke a record that stood for nearly eight years.

What NFL kicker missed the most field goals?

Mason Crosby missed the most field goals by a kicker in 2021, with 9 misses.

Mason Crosby 2021 49
Jason Sanders 2021 34
Matt Prater 2021 47
Greg Zuerlein 2021 42

Who has blocked the most field goals?

The List:

  • Ted Hendricks—He blocked both kicks and punts with remarkable frequency.
  • Alan Page—Mostly an interior rusher on place kicks, but did block a punt, he has the highest total in NFL history with 27 according to Webster.
  • Dave Whitsell—Best edge rusher on placekicks ever with at least 21 career blocked FG and PAT.

Who missed 5 field goals?

Mason Crosby
Green Bay Packers 25-22 Cincinnati Bengals: Mason Crosby kicks game-winner in overtime after five missed field goals | NFL News | Sky Sports.

Can you punt a field goal in the NFL?

A field goal cannot be scored on a punt kick. By contrast, the now very rarely attempted drop kick can be used to score either field goals or extra points in both American and Canadian football.

How many field goals has Crosby missed?

He has gone just 9 of 18 on field goals since the fourth quarter of that game. He has also missed a field goal attempt in each of his last four games. Here’s a look at Crosby’s overall numbers from this season….Mason Crosby missed field goals, stats 2021.

Stat 2021
XP percentage 96.9

How many times has Justin Tucker missed a field goal?

Justin Tucker has 32 missed field goals in his career.