What is the highest number in Fantasy 5?

What is the highest number in Fantasy 5?

What is the highest number in Fantasy 5?

How to Play

  • Select five numbers from 1 through 36 or mark the Quick Pick box to have the computer pick any or all of your numbers at random.
  • For a chance to win cash instantly, select the EZmatchâ„¢ box in a panel for a $1 more per play.

How many numbers do you choose for Fantasy 5?

Pick up a Fantasy 5 playslip and pick five numbers from 1 to 39. Alternatively, you can choose Quick Pick to play with randomly generated numbers.

How many numbers do you need to win Arizona Fantasy 5?

five numbers
The overall odds of winning a cash prize are approximately 1 in 9.62. *If other players also match all five numbers, you’ll share the prize pool in equal amounts.

What were the winning Fantasy 5 numbers in Florida?

Latest Numbers

Date Result
Friday, Jun 03, 2022 6 9 20 25 32
Thursday, Jun 02, 2022 2 9 13 14 23
Wednesday, Jun 01, 2022 1 19 29 35 36
Tuesday, May 31, 2022 2 9 10 16 26

What is the largest Fantasy 5 jackpot?

1, 2015, when one Los Angeles winner collected $610,882. The $704,555 prize came close to breaking the $729,505 mark, which in 1992 was the largest Fantasy 5 jackpot ever won.

What are the odds of winning the Fantasy 5 in California?

The odds of winning the Fantasy 5 jackpot are 1 in just under 600,000. However, if you are going for the big money in California, your best bet is the California Super Lotto Plus. With the California lottery results, the odds of winning with a ticket from the California Super Lotto Plus lottery is 1 in 42 million.

How do you win Arizona Fantasy 5?

To choose your own numbers, fill out a selection slip or tell the cashier which five numbers you would like to select (1 – 41). Add on a $1 or $2 EXTRA!, a separate game played on your Fantasy 5 ticket, for a chance to win $250 or $500 instantly.