What is reproductive agency?

What is reproductive agency?

What is reproductive agency?

In the context of reproductive decision-making, reproductive agency means being able to set individual reproductive goals and follow through with actions to realise the goals.

What do you mean by reproductive health education?

Reproductive health education, including messages to encourage abstinence and promote the use of condoms and contraceptives by those who are sexually active, is the front line of efforts to prevent pregnancy, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among America’s adolescents.

What is an example of reproductive justice?

Core components of reproductive justice include equal access to safe abortion, affordable contraceptives and comprehensive sex education, as well as freedom from sexual violence. It’s not enough that abortion is legal in your state.

What is reproductive justice and why is it important?

Reproductive justice is a critical, theoretical framework that was invented as a response to United States reproductive politics. The three core values of reproductive justice are the right to have a child, the right to not have a child, and the right to parent a child or children in safe and healthy environments.

What are the goals of reproductive health?

Sexual and reproductive health care includes preventing and treating sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS. In addition, reproductive health care can bring patients into the health care system, encouraging diagnosis and treatment of other diseases and conditions.

What are the benefits of reproductive health education?

Comprehensive reproductive health education for family physicians could benefit patients by improving access to safe care for unintended pregnancy and early pregnancy loss and by improving continuity of care, especially for rural and low-income women.

What are the objectives of reproductive health?

Following are the major objectives of reproductive health: To make quality maternal and reproductive health services accessible to the people living in rural areas. To enhance the prevention of diseases that might affect maternal health.

What is the meaning of reproductive justice?

Reproductive Justice (RJ) means the human right to control our sexuality, our gender, our work, and our reproduction.

What are the three primary principles of reproductive justice?

The definition of reproductive justice goes beyond the pro-choice/pro-life debate and has three primary principles: (1) the right not to have a child; (2) the right to have a child; and (3) the right to parent children in safe and healthy environments.

What is the importance of reproductive health in society?

Reproductive health in society helps to prevent the spread of various sexually transmitted diseases and impart the ability to produce offspring having better survival rates. It also helps in maintaining the population size and avoiding unwanted pregnancies.

What is the main objective of reproductive and child health program?

RCH is an acronym for Reproductive and Child Health. It is a program that aims at combating and reducing the mortality rates of mothers, infants, and children and was launched in October 1997.