Is Peppermint Grove rich?

Is Peppermint Grove rich?

Is Peppermint Grove rich?

The median weekly household income is $2,682 and it tops the list (with Cottesloe) as the top highest earning WA area. The breakdown shows that 35.5% noted more than $3,000 gross weekly income.

Is Peppermint Grove a good suburb?

“It is a very desirable suburb among buyers for the very same reasons my family and I fell in love with the area,” she said. “The market in Peppermint Grove has been stable for the past few years so it’s definitely a great time to buy.

What is WA’s postcode?


Postcode Suburb Category
6849 PERTH BC, WA Post Office Boxes
6000 PERTH GPO, WA Delivery Area
6831 PERTH ST GEORGES TCE, WA Post Office Boxes

What is the postcode for Cottesloe?

6011Cottesloe / Postal code

What is the wealthiest suburb in Perth?

Home to some of Perth’s finest mansions, Dalkeith is an affluent western suburb of Perth that basks in breathtaking views of the Swan River.

  • Dalkeith is Perth’s most expensive suburb.
  • Cottesloe is a perennial fixture on the most expensive suburbs list.
  • The apartments which adjoin Claremont Oval.
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Where is the richest suburb in Perth?

Dalkeith. The riverside suburb of Dalkeith is renowned for being the richest suburb in Perth. Boasting a population of some of Australia’s wealthiest people, including high-profile billionaires Gina Rinehart and Kerry Stokes, the suburb experienced a median house price of A$2.6 million in 2020.

How many streets does Peppermint Grove have?

Peppermint Grove has the unique status of being the smallest municipality in Western Australia, covering just 1.5 square kilometers of land….Statistics.

Distance from Perth 13kms
Total Revenue $4.30 million
Length of Roads – Sealed 10.6kms
Length of Roads – Unsealed Nil
Number of Elected Members 7

What is the postcode for West Perth?

6005West Perth / Postal code

What is Mosman Park postcode?

6012Town of Mosman Park / Postal code

What is the postcode for Fremantle?

6160Fremantle / Postal code