What is Outrec where we will use it?

What is Outrec where we will use it?

What is Outrec where we will use it?

The OUTREC control statement allows you to reformat the input records after they are sorted, merged or copied. The OUTREC control statement supports a wide variety of parsing, editing, and reformatting tasks, including: The use of fixed position/length fields or variable position/length fields.

How do you write Outrec in JCL?

You can create the reformatted OUTREC records in one of the following ways using unedited, edited, or converted input fields.

  4. IFTHEN clauses:
  5. PARSE:
  6. Example 1: Formating a file(USING OUTREC)
  8. SORT JCL:

What is when INIT in JCL?

WHEN=INIT: Use one or more WHEN=INIT clauses to apply BUILD, FINDREP or OVERLAY items to all of your input records. WHEN=INIT clauses and WHEN=GROUP clauses are processed before any of the other IFTHEN clauses.

What is Outrec and Inrec?

INREC adds, deletes, or reformats fields before the records are sorted or merged. so that performance will be improved OUTREC adds, deletes, or reformats fields after the records are sorted or merged.

What is build in sort JCL?

Using BUILD in SORT Build parameter is used to reformat records. Build give complete control over output file format. BUILD parameter can be used on INREC and OUTREC statements in SORT card. BUILD parameter is an alias of the FIELDS parameter. Build parameter can be used in OUTFIL statement also.

What is Findrep in JCL?

OPTION COPY OUTREC FINDREP=(IN=C’Goodbye’,OUT=C’Bye’) FINDREP indicates that you want to do a find and replace operation. IN identifies the constant you are looking for (the “find” constant) and OUT identifies the constant you want instead (the “replace” constant).

How can I convert VB file to FB in mainframe?

You can convert a VB data set to an FB data set with OUTFIL’s VTOF and BUILD or OUTREC parameters. All of the PARSE, BUILD, or OUTREC features are available (input fields, strings, editing, and so on).

What is the use of Inrec and Outrec in JCL?

INREC reformats the record layout before it is passed through the sort, while OUTREC will reformat the record layout after the record has been sorted.