What is Nitrotec finish?

What is Nitrotec finish?

What is Nitrotec finish?

Nitrotec® combines the useful properties of the nitrocarburizing (improved surface hardness and wear resistance, enhanced fatigue strength, nihil distortion) with the high resistance against atmospheric corrosion, increased yield strength and an attractive black finish.

What is Tufftride?

The Tufftride® process of Durferrit is a surface heat treatment Salt Bath Nitrocarburising treatment carried out at around 580°C for relatively short times (30 minutes to 3 hours) which produces a hard wear resistant surface on many steels.

How do you Nitrocarburize?

Nitrocarburizing is a variation of the nitriding process. It is a thermochemical diffusion process where nitrogen, carbon, and to a very small degree, oxygen atoms diffuse into the surface of the steel part, forming a compound layer at the surface, and a diffusion layer.

What is the difference between Carbonitriding and nitrocarburizing?

Nitrocarburizing also entails the dissolution of carbon and nitrogen into a workpiece, but, compared to carbonitriding, more nitrogen is used in nitrocarburizing. There are two forms of nitrocarburizing: austenitic and ferritic.

Why is carbonitriding important?

Benefits of Carbonitriding Carbonitriding is applied primarily to produce a hard and wear resistant case. The diffusion of both carbon and nitrogen increases the hardenability of plain carbon and low alloy steels, and creates a harder case than carburising.

Is Melonite the same as nitride?

Nitride is a treatment to the barrels steel that hardens the steel and significantly increases corrosion and wear resistance. This is usually done in a process called Quench polish quench (QPQ). Melonite is a specific version of Nitride but for the most part Melonite and Nitride are the same.

What is a Melonite finish?

Melonite is basically salt bath ferritic nitrocarburizing, also known as liquid nitrocarburizing. Melonite is also called Tenifer by Glock. It is the finish we use on all our black slides and its durability is unparalleled by any black finish we have used.

Which chemicals are used in carbonitriding process?

In the process of carbonitriding, a role of nitrogen is to facilitate the solutioning of carbon in iron….Carbonitriding

  • Austenite.
  • Nitrogen.
  • Ammonia.
  • Hydrogen Cyanide.
  • Carbon Monoxide.
  • Diffusion.
  • Residual Stress.
  • Heat Treatment.

What is the difference between carbonitriding and nitrocarburizing?

Is Melonite better than nitride?