What is fosroc admixture?

What is fosroc admixture?

What is fosroc admixture?

Fosroc are the pioneers in providing a range of concrete admixtures, liquid additive, added to concrete to enhance the quality and properties of concrete in both the plastic and hardened stages, which eventually help in achieving the desired durability in concrete structures.

What is a superplasticizer used for?

Superplasticizers (SPs), also known as high range water reducers, are additives used in making high strength concrete. Plasticizers are chemical compounds that enable the production of concrete with approximately 15% less water content. Superplasticizers allow reduction in water content by 30% or more.

What is the use of superplasticizer in concrete?

Superplasticisers are commonly used in dry-pressed concrete to improve the workability and to enhance the compaction of concrete for increasing density and to improve the surface finish of the concrete product.

How do I use fosroc Nitobond EP?

Nitobond EP should be applied as soon as the mixing process has been completed. It should be brush or spray applied to the prepared surfaces. Spray application requires a heavy duty airless spray machine such as Graco airless spray fitted with 19 -20 thou tip.

What is the disadvantage of superplasticizer?

The main disadvantage of superplasticizer usage is loss of workability as a result of rapid slump loss and incompatibility of cement and superplasticizers. Superplasticizers are soluble macromolecules, which are hundreds of times larger than water molecule (Gani, 1997).

How do you mix superplasticizer in concrete?

The benefits obtained by Superplasticizers in the reduction of water in the concrete mixes are best illustrated by the following examples. Note: Requirements of all the three mixes are the same….Mix Design With Superplasticizers.

Materials Weight (kg/m3) Volume (m3)
Total Aggregates = 1 – 0.2954 0.7046
Coarse Aggregate 1303/2650 0.4917

How much does superplasticizer cost?

concrete. Very low water to cement ratios can be obtained with as much as 25-30% total water reduction. Typical dosage rates approximately 40% less than of standard melamine and naphthalene based superplasticizers, while maintaining the same percent water reduction….OPTIMUM 380 Premium Superplasticizer.

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How do you mix a superplasticizer?