What is studielink?

What is studielink?

What is studielink?

Studielink is the Dutch national database for admission to higher education. This system is operated by DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs). DUO operates on behalf of the ministry of education, and keeps track of all students who are studying in the Netherlands.

How many universities can you apply to on studielink?

You can have up to 4 active applications in your Studielink account (including a maximum of 2 programmes with a fixed quota).

How do I register for studielink?

You start by applying for an account. Once you have received your login details, you can proceed with entering your personal details. Once you have entered your personal details into Studielink, you can directly proceed with entering an enrolment application (select – new enrolment application).

What is DigiD studielink?

DigiD is a collective system with which government institutions can verify your identity online. DigiD enables you to access the electronic services of an increasing number of government institutions with a single username and password.

How many masters can I apply to studielink?

Studielink allows you to apply for up to four courses at a time. You have the possibility to change the courses you wish to apply for at any time before the enrollment deadline. If you are rejected by one university, you can then apply to another one.

How does studielink verify education?

Check that you have chosen the correct name by looking at the key facts at the bottom of the programme information page on the website. Finally, choose ‘full-time’ and select ‘Confirm study programme’ and fill in the starting date information.

What is the difference between HBO bachelor and WO Bachelor?

HBO or Hogeschool institutes are focused on applied higher education and usually offer 4-year Bachelor programs geared more towards the practical labor market. The academic universities (WO) are the highest possible level of education in the Netherlands.

How many programs can I apply to Netherlands?

Max 2 applications For each academic year you can submit an application for a maximum of two numerus fixus programmes. The institution decides how many times you can participate in the selection of a specific programme.

What can I do with DigiD?

Your DigiD allows you to identify yourself when making arrangements on the internet, such as with the government, educational institutes, healthcare institutions or your pension fund. Your DigiD allows you to log in anywhere easily and securely. This ensures that your personal data are always protected.

Is it hard to get into Dutch universities?

Dutch universities’ entry requirements are not particularly picky in choosing students compared to South Korean ones. If you hold a Dutch vwo diploma – or a high school degree equivalent to it – as well as reasonable level of English certificate (e.g. IELTS 7), you generally gain an admission.

Can I accept two offers on studielink?

Print. You can accept an offer of admission for another numerus fixus programme in the Netherlands and stay on the waiting list for IBA. However, you have to actively choose this option in Studielink! When accepting the offer for the other programme, Studielink will ask if you want to remain on the waiting list for IBA …