What is code talker by Joseph Bruchac about?

What is code talker by Joseph Bruchac about?

What is code talker by Joseph Bruchac about?

Code Talker is about a Navajo (Native American) who uses his language to help win the war. It is World War Two and the United States of America is fighting against Japan. Every code the Americans have used to send secret information has been cracked by the Japanese.

Why is code talker a good book?

This book gives a broad insight into the Navajo code talkers, and also makes human the natives on the islands on which the Pacific war was fought, and yes, the Japanese opponents as well. I highly recommend this book on many levels.

Why did Joseph Bruchac write code talker?

Joseph Bruchac wrote Code Talker to bring about an understanding and appreciation for the crucial role that the Navajo Code Talkers played in helping the United States win the battles of the Pacific during World War II.

Is code talker historically accurate?

This historical fiction novel is heavy with factual information, even though the character himself is fictional. The Navajo code was crucial for the success of the United States military, especially in the Pacific during battles like Iwo Jima.

What is the main conflict in Code Talker?

The main conflict of the book is that the white men at boarding school think that the Navajo language was useless. Ned had to forget about Navajo, and learn English. Later on, the white men changed their opinion on the Navajo. They later developed a secret code to help win the war.

What type of book is Code Talker?

Historical Fiction
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What type of book is code talker?

What happened at the end of Code Talker?

Chester ends the book by talking about the publication of Code Talker, and he says that his big hope is that the book will “keep the memory of the code talkers alive.” (23.4). (Thankfully, by reading Code Talker, you’re doing just that. Well done, Shmooper.)

How did Navajo serve in World war 2?

The Navajo Code Talkers participated in all assaults the U.S. Marines led in the Pacific from 1942 to 1945, including Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Peleliu and Iwo Jima. The Code Talkers conveyed messages by telephone and radio in their native language, a code that was never broken by the Japanese.

What is the climax of Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac?

The climax of Code Talkers is when Ned joins the Marines and is asked to enlist in the code talker program in which he will be trained to decipher and send coded messages in his native Najavo language.

Who is the antagonist in Code Talker?

The Japanese
The Japanese are the big antagonists in this novel. They’re the enemy that Chester and his code-talking buddies are fighting. They’re ruthless fighters and they threaten the lives of our hero, Chester, and all American soldiers.