What is a good quote from the book Chains?

What is a good quote from the book Chains?

What is a good quote from the book Chains?

Preview — Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

  • “She cannot chain my soul.
  • “Didn’t help to ponder things that were forever gone.
  • “I wanted to pull down a book, open it proper, and gobble up page after page”
  • “Melancholy held me hostage, and the bees built a hive of sadness in my soul.”

What is the main idea of Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson?

Identity. The dehumanization of slavery is a central theme of the novel and so is Isabel’s quest to reclaim her identity and humanity. The Lockton’s try to erase her identity by forcing the name Sal and brutally ignoring her humanity.

What is the book Chains about by Laurie Halse Anderson?

In Chains, a 13-year-old slave girl in New York City tries to protect her younger sister.

What do the seeds symbolize in Chains?

The seeds symbolize her connection to her family, desire to continue their legacy, and hope for the future. She plants them in an effort to maintain that connection.

Why does Isabel get branded?

Isabel was sentenced to be branded with the letter “I” on her face to resemble Insolence because she attempted to murder her owner and run.

How does Isabel change in Chains?

Isabel is a thirteen-year-old African-American slave working under Madam Lockton, a dirty loyalist, in the novel Chains. Throughout Chains, Isabel changes from an intimated and gloomy young girl to a confident and proud young woman.

Why is the book Chains called Chains?

We’ll start with the obvious: The title Chains refers to slavery. From there, though, it gets a little more complicated, because there’s a ton of different kinds of slavery going on in this book.

Does Isabel ever find Ruth?

11/08), but as Isabel continues her fraught journey south in June 1781 with her companion, Curzon, she remains as determined as ever to find and rescue her sister. On a semi-abandoned South Carolina plantation, they do find Ruth, but she has made a home there and is aloof and even hostile to Isabel.

Is Chains a true story?

Though the novel is fictional, parts of the story are inspired by and depict actual events that occurred during the early stages of the war, such as the failed plan of George Washington’s assassination and the hanging of one of the conspirators, the capture of Fort Washington, and the popular pamphlet Common Sense by …

What do the ashes mean in Chains?

The ashes within me swirled and filled up my throat again”(220). It is now prevalent that the ashes do not only represent her thoughts, but also Isabel’s actions or result from her sadness, like her choking on tears (or what she calls her ashes).

What does the water pump symbolize in Chains?

The Tea Water Pump symbolizes freedom, and this is her greatest feeling of freedom. And this is her only time to meet other people.

What name does Isabel choose for herself when she writes her name on the pass?

Things come to a head, though, when Madam discovers that Isabel is carrying messages for Patriots and reveals that Ruth is actually on the Lockton estate in Charleston. Isabel decides to run away and rescue Ruth—and when she writes herself a pass, she gives herself a new name, Isabel Gardener.