What does the Poseidon tattoo mean?

What does the Poseidon tattoo mean?

What does the Poseidon tattoo mean?

Symbolism. Symbols associated with Poseidon include the bull, dolphin, fish, horse and the Trident. A Poseidon tattoo can represent many things including great power, strength, a connection with water and the sea, and a love of marine life.

Why do people get Poseidon tattoos?

Poseidon is the god of the sea, so many people will get one of these tattoos to show that they love being out on the water. This is a great choice for folks who do not want to get one of the more commonly seen versions of the “love the sea” tattoos, such as an anchor or some kind of sea life.

What does Neptune tattoo mean?

The symbol of the trident is said to have originated from ancient Roman mythology, and is most closely associated with the god of the seas, Neptune. The trident was believed to hold divine power, with the ability to create earthly disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis and storms.

What is Poseidon’s symbol?

the trident
His weapon and main symbol was the trident, perhaps once a fish spear. According to the Greek poet Hesiod, Poseidon’s trident, like Zeus’s thunderbolt and Hades’ helmet, was fashioned by the three Cyclopes.

What does Poseidon’s symbol mean?

For Poseidon, the trident is the epitome of his control over the sea and its creatures, showing that he has the ability to catch them whenever he wants, without fail. In mythology, his trident was created by the three cyclopes and given to him once appointed as god of the sea.

Is Aquarius Poseidon?

Poseidon is also associated with Aquarius. Here, the humanitarian tendencies of the sign resonate with Poseidon’s status as the second King amidst the Olympians (and the primary King in Mycenaean tradition), as well as his role in rain and clouds.

What god rules over Aquarius?

Aquarius: Prometheus, God Of Forethought And Humankind His abilities and chaos are also similar to Aquarius’ ruling planet, Uranus.

Which God is Aquarius?

Aquarius: Prometheus, God Of Forethought And Humankind Prometheus is the Titan god of forethought and crafty counsel who was given the task of moulding humankind out of clay.

Which Poseidon tattoo will look best on Me?

Poseidon tattoos will look the best if done in black ink. Black & grey ink tattoo will look great even once it starts to fade. This arm or shoulder tattoo will suit guys who appreciate true art, as well as those who work out and want their tattoo to stand out. 4. Poseidon Tattoos Back Tattoo

What is a good Aquarius tattoo idea?

Pouring the Water Images of water being poured are a common Aquarius tattoo idea. This one has a redheaded woman doing the task and she is looking straight on. 12. Tiny Waves

How long does it take to get a Poseidon tattoo?

Poseidon Tattoos Back Tattoo This amazing Poseidon tattoo is perfectly done and shaded. If you need a back tattoo inspo, and you also prefer detailed work over larger tattoo designs, you will love this tattoo. Approximately, it will take you around 4 hours to achieve this design.

How to get an Aquarius urn tattoo?

One can get either just a tattoo of an urn overflowing with water or they can get a huge tattoo of the water bearer holding the urn. You can even add the Aquarius constellation stars to make the tattoo more artistic and stylish. The placement of tattoo can vary from arm to waist to even back or neck.