What does booking code Q mean?

What does booking code Q mean?

What does booking code Q mean?

Economy/Coach Discounted
Q – Economy/Coach Discounted. R – First Class Suite or Supersonic (discontinued) S – Economy/Coach. T – Economy/Coach Discounted. U – Shuttle Service (no reservation needed/seat guaranteed)

What reservation system does American Airlines use?

Because Sabre is the platform currently being used at American Airlines, it should minimize disruption for the maximum number of people and systems by bolstering employee readiness, speeding up implementation and improving customer responsiveness throughout the integration.

Can you reserve seats on American?

Contact Reservations You can book up until 2 hours before departure. If the flight leaves in less than 2 hours, please go to the ticket counter at the airport. You can book a flight on aa.com up to 331 days in advance. You can book up to 6 passengers in one reservation on aa.com.

How do I find my record locator?

Your record locator, or confirmation code, is a 6-letter code included on your boarding pass and confirmation email.

What is Q class on American Airlines?

Earning AAdvantage miles and Loyalty Points

Exception fare booking code Award miles per mile flown1 Class of service bonus miles
Economy (Y, H, K) 100%
Economy (M, L) 75%
Economy (V, G, S, N) 50%
Economy (Q, O) 25%

What does economy Q mean on American Airlines?

AA fare codes for economy class in this order: Y, B, H, K, M, V, Q, S, N, L, O. Fare codes sorted by type: Coach excursion fares are: B, H, K, M, V, N, L, Q. Employees: E.

What are the major types of reservations?

Guaranteed reservations (prepayment, payment cars, advance deposit, Voucher or MCO, corporate) and Non-guaranteed reservations.

Should I pay for a seat on American Airlines?

You can choose a specific seat at any time for a fee (complimentary for AAdvantage® members based on your status). Otherwise, seats will be automatically assigned for free at check-in.