What does AD stand for in medical terms?

What does AD stand for in medical terms?

What does AD stand for in medical terms?

Alzheimer’s disease
List of medical abbreviations: A

Abbreviation Meaning
AD Alzheimer’s disease acute distress Aortic dissection right ear (from Latin auris dexter) as directed
ADA adenosine deaminase American Dental Association American Diabetes Association; e.g., “ADA diet” Americans with Disabilities Act
ADC AIDS dementia complex

What does AD stand for in nursing?

Nursing Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviations & Acronyms Meaning
ac Before meals
AD Admitting diagnosis
A&D Admission and discharge
Ad lib As desired, if the patient so desired

What is AD in pharmacy?

a.d. right ear. Derived from Latin, auris dextra.

What does AD stand for in pharmacy?

right ear
Table 1: Common Medical Abbreviations

Abbreviation Meaning / Intended Meaning
ac before meals
achs before meals and at bedtime
AD right ear
ad lib freely; as much as desired

What is AD in psychology?

abbreviation for action disorganization syndrome.

What is BD medicine?

twice a day —used in writing prescriptions.

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How often is BD medication?

Pharmacy Abbreviations

Abbreviation Meaning
b. twice
b.d. twice daily
b.i.d. twice daily