What does a scissor gait look like?

What does a scissor gait look like?

What does a scissor gait look like?

Scissors gait. This type of gait gets its name because the knees and thighs hit or cross in a scissors-like pattern when walking. The legs, hips, and pelvis become flexed, making the person appear as though he or she is crouching.

What type of gait is seen in spastic cerebral palsy?

Common gait deviations in CP can be grouped into the gait patterns of spastic hemiplegia (drop foot, equinus with different knee positions) and spastic diplegia (true equinus, jump, apparent equinus and crouch) to facilitate communication.

How would you describe the gait of cerebral palsy?

What are cerebral palsy gait disorders? Children with cerebral palsy may have a number of bone, joint and muscle problems that affect their walking (gait). Spasticity or contractures of muscles can cause the knees to flex at the hip knee and ankle which can cause difficulty or increased energy requirement of walking.

What causes scissoring gait?

A scissoring gait is characterized by the knees and thighs pressed together or crossing each other while walking. It’s caused by high muscle tone (spasticity) in the hip adductors.

What does scissors gait mean?

Definition. A type of spastic paraparetic gait in which the muscle tone in the adductors is marked. It is characterized by hypertonia and flexion in the legs, hips and pelvis accompanied by extreme adduction leading to the knees and thighs hitting, or sometimes even crossing, in a scissors-like movement.

What causes scissor gait?

What is a scissor gait?

What does scissor legs mean?

(also scissors leg) Medicine. Designating the condition of having or walking with crossed (abnormally adducted) legs, most commonly resulting from spasm of the adductor muscles or disease of both hip joints.

How do they diagnose cerebral palsy?

Specialists might suggest brain imaging tests, such as x-ray computed tomography (CT scan) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). An electroencephalogram (EEG), genetic testing, or metabolic testing, or a combination of these, also might be done. CP generally is diagnosed during the first or second year after birth.

What is the medical term scissoring?

clipping. Neurosurgery A definitive therapy for intracranial aneurysms, which consists of the direct obliteration of the aneurysmal neck with a clip of the proper strength, shape, and size, that prevents the flow of blood into the dome of the aneurysm, while preserving the parent artery.