What do WIAT III scores mean?

What do WIAT III scores mean?

What do WIAT III scores mean?

The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test–III (WIAT-III) is a standardized academic achievement test used to measure previously learned knowledge in the areas of Reading, Written Language, Mathematics, and Oral Language. The scores are based on age norms.

What is the average range for the WIAT III?

For the skills tested, the highest possible score is 160 and the lowest possible score is 40. The average range of scores is between 85-115. A percentile rank is also given, which shows Bruce’s rank in the national comparison group.

How do you score a WIAT III essay?

Score each reason 1 point (max = 3 points). Score Elaborations using the following rules: Underline each independent clause or sentence that immediately follows a highlighted reason and is not a contrasting statement. Score each 1 point (max = 3 points).

Does WIAT measure IQ?

The WIAT is designed to assess academic performance and does not predict intelligence.

What is a correct word sequence?

A correct word sequence is one that contains any two adjacent, correctly spelled words that are acceptable within the context of the sample to a native speaker of the English language. b. The term “acceptable” means that a native speaker would judge the word sequences as syntactically and semantically correct.

How many subtests does Wiat III have?

16 subtests
With a total of 16 subtests, WIAT-III A&NZ offers: Three new subtests: Oral Reading, Maths Fluency and Early Reading Skills. Enriched Listening Comprehension, Oral Expression, and Written Expression subtests.

How do you read grade equivalent scores?

The digit(s) to the left of the decimal represent the grade. The digit(s) to the right of the decimal represent the month. We assume 10 months per school year. The GE of a given raw score on any test indicates the grade level at which the typical student earns this raw score.