What did Viktoria Komova say?

What did Viktoria Komova say?

What did Viktoria Komova say?

Komova, who had two of the four falls Russia suffered from, took to the Russian social media site VK to express her frustration regarding the results. Viktoria said in a comment that has since been deleted that the USA team is only winning due to steroids while China and Great Britain got lucky.

Did Viktoria Komova retire?

January 1, 2019Viktoria Komova / Retired

How old is Victoria the Olympic gymnast?

2019 junior world all-around champion Viktoria Listunova notched her first major senior victory Friday at the Russian Gymnastics Championships in Penza. The 15-year-old came into the all-around final leading by over a point and did not look back.

Who are the twins in rhythmic gymnastics?

The Averina twins have been a dominant force in rhythmic gymnastics in recent years, but are barred from international competition at present because of sanctions placed on Russia over the war in Ukraine. The pair were vague on their ambitions for the future, beyond competing sparingly in 2022.

How old are the Averina sisters?

Born to parents Ksenia Averina and Alexey Averin, Dina and Arina started gymnastics at four years old. Dina and her identical twin sister Arina Averina were born on 13 August 1998.

How do you tell the difference between Dina and Arina?

There are minor differences – Dina has a slightly thinner and straighter face while Arina has a scar above her right eye caused by a falling club. They also both have small moles on the right side of their faces with Arina’s just below her earlobe and Dina’s higher up next to her ear.

What happened with Arina Averina?

In August at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Averina qualified to the rhythmic gymnastics individual all-around final in second place, behind her twin by 0.125 points, and ahead of Israel’s Linoy Ashram. In the all-around final, Averina scored 102.100 overall after a ribbon routine with obvious errors.