What crime did Fletcher commit Porridge?

What crime did Fletcher commit Porridge?

What crime did Fletcher commit Porridge?

Porridge (2016) It starred Kevin Bishop as Nigel Norman Fletcher, Norman Stanley Fletcher’s grandson, who is serving five years in prison for computer hacking.

Who was lukewarm in Porridge?

Christopher Biggins
Lukewarm. Lukewarm was played by Christopher Biggins. Lukewarm is a rotund young man with a calm and personable demeanour, who originates from the Midlands (though during the series, and in Going Straight he is said to be from Middlesbrough).

Who was the gangster in Porridge?

Harry Grout (nicknamed “Grouty”) was an antagonistic character in the British sitcom Porridge. Despite appearing in only three episodes (and referred to in many more) and the film, he is one of the best-remembered characters from the series, and has the role of the main villain of the series, surpassing even Mackay.

Who is Fletcher cellmate Porridge?

” Hollywood actress Kate Beckinsale, best known for the Underworld Series of films, has given her blessing to the BBC bringing back Porridge. The classic 1970s sitcom starred her father Richard Beckinsale as Lenny Godber, cellmate to Ronnie Barker’s Norman Stanley Fletcher.

How many years did Fletcher get in porridge?

five years
Norman Stanley Fletcher you are an habitual criminal who accepts arrest as an occupational hazard and presumably accepts imprisonment in the same casual manner …” So says the judge at the beginning of each episode of Porridge – the celebrated prison sit-com set in fictional HMP Slade – as he sentences “lovable …

When did Godber leave Porridge?

In 1977, Porridge was brought to an end with his character of Godber being released from his prison sentence in the final episode. He subsequently starred alongside Barker in Going Straight (1978), a spin-off of Porridge in which the two criminal characters are seen on the outside rebuilding their lives.

Is Maester aemon blind in real life?

Aemon Targaryen was blind in real life The late Peter Vaughan, who played Maester Aemon Targaryen on the show up until the character’s death in 2015, was partially blind.

Is Peter Vaughan blind in real life?

Vaughan was partially blind in his old age. On 6 December 2016, he died peacefully of natural causes at the age of 93.