What breed of cat is solid brown?

What breed of cat is solid brown?

What breed of cat is solid brown?

The Havana Brown is the only truly solid Brown cat breed around. Sporting a chocolate color or a deep mahogany brown, it is a medium-sized shorthair cat with green eyes. Its personality is intelligent, curious, and social.

How rare is a solid brown cat?

This gorgeous cat is the only breed that can be called “true chocolate” not only is it extremely rare but while there over 200 million cats in the world, it’s estimated that there are fewer than 1,000 Havan Brown cats overall! So, how did we get to have such rare beauty?

Is there a solid brown cat?

Brown cats are rare, but not impossible to find. You will be much less likely to find a stray brown cat wandering around than most other coat colorations. You can look into some of the purebred cats that come in recognized brown coloration for their breed standard.

What are dark brown cats called?

The Havana brown cat is a hybrid creation, the result of breeding a black domestic shorthair cat with a chocolate point Siamese cat in the late 19th century. The breed was also called “self-brown cat” and “Swiss mountain cat” at one point in time.

Are chocolate brown cats rare?

The genetic mutation is rare, makings its way through the passage of recessive genes, resulting in the color “brown”. It’s not common to find this gene variant in cats, but it’s purposely bred in cats like the Oriental Shorthair and the Havana Brown cat breeds to enrich this rare and magnetic coloring.

What is a brown tabby cat?

Patched Tabbies have patches (hence the name) of dark or grayish brown and patches of red or orange with the Tabby pattern throughout both colors. They are often referred to as Tortoiseshell (or Tortie) Tabbies because the brown and orange spots are like those seen on the shell of a tortoise.

How rare are Havana Brown cats?

The Havana Brown is extremely rare. It’s estimated that fewer than 1,000 of the cats exist in the world. The Havana Brown’s large, round-tipped ears tilt forward, giving the cat an alert appearance.

Is my cat a Havana Brown?

Check for a brown, smooth, and short coat. This color tends more towards reddish brown than blackish brown and the coat should also appear smooth and glossy. The coat of a Havana brown is short. As such, they don’t tend to shed very much. If the cat is purebred, there should not be any variation in coat color.