Is WellSpan part of Penn Medicine?

Is WellSpan part of Penn Medicine?

Is WellSpan part of Penn Medicine?

Penn Medicine. Like WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital, Lancaster General Health and Penn Medicine recently joined forces to offer expanded health care options in the county. The merger became official Aug. 1 and brings the best of both organizations together, says Jan Bergen, LG Health president and CEO.

Is WellSpan part of UPMC?

WellSpan, the major local independent system, sits south of PSH’s current footprint but square in UPMC Pinnacle crosshairs. There are overlaps in York (WellSpan York vs.

What type of organization is WellSpan?

WellSpan at a Glance A clinically integrated network of approximately 2,600 physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs), including more than 1,900 employed physicians and APPs.

What is my WellSpan?

MyWellSpan offers personalized and secure online access to your medical records. It enables you to manage and receive information about your health. With MyWellSpan, you can: Schedule medical appointments.

Is WellSpan a non profit?

As a community-based, not-for-profit organization, WellSpan is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the people it serves.

How large is WellSpan Health?

WellSpan York Hospital is the region’s leader in advanced specialty care. What began in 1880 has grown to a 596-bed community teaching hospital that employs more than 4,400 people and serves a population of 520,000+ in south central Pennsylvania.

Which is better UPMC or wellspan?

WellSpan Health is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits and UPMC is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits….Overall Rating.

Overall Rating 3.6 3.5
Work/life balance 3.5 3.4
Compensation and benefits 3.8 3.4
Job security and advancement 3.4 3.2
Management 3.1 3.1

What kind of insurance does wellspan accept?

Q: What insurances does WellSpace Health accept? Insurances currently accepted include Medi-Care, Medi-Cal, River City Medical Group, Molina, Golden Shores, Hill Physicians, Imperial Health, California Health and Wellness, Health Net, Nor Cal Physicians Medical Group/Sierra Nevada, Anthem, and Aetna Better Health.

Is WellSpan a public company?

WellSpan Health is a large integrated health care system located in South-Central Pennsylvania….WellSpan Health.

Type Not-for-profit integrated health system
Headquarters United States

How do I get a WellSpan account?

Call 1-866-638-1842, and a MyWellSpan representative will help you create your account on the spot. Again, the process takes less than two minutes to complete. In person. Speak with a member of the staff at any participating WellSpan Medical Group practice or WellSpan Lab.

How do I get my WellSpan activation code?

Activation codes are printed on after-visit summaries from recent visits or on MyWellSpan enrollment letters. Need Help? Contact MyWellSpan Customer Support at (866) 638-1842. Enter your activation code as it appears on your enrollment letter or After Visit Summary®.

How much does CEO of WellSpan make?

WellSpan Health CEO pay: Dr. Kevin Moser earned $2.19 million in 2017, up 2% from the $2.15 million he was paid the previous year.