Is there a female version of Robin in Batman?

Is there a female version of Robin in Batman?

Is there a female version of Robin in Batman?

She becomes the new Robin in The Dark Knight Returns when she saves Batman’s life….

Carrie Kelley
Alter ego Caroline Keene “Carrie” Kelley
Team affiliations Justice League
Partnerships Batman Green Arrow The Atom The Flash Plastic Man Elongated Man Saturn Girl
Notable aliases Robin, Catgirl, Batgirl, Batwoman

How many female Robins are in Batman?

Forget Dick Grayson: Batman’s Three Female Robins.

Who is the only female Robin?

Warning: contains spoilers for Robin #5! In the latest issue of Robin, DC Comics finally gives the female Robin, Stephanie Brown, the respect that she deserves as a former sidekick of Batman.

Who was the first girl Robin?

Carrie Kelley
Carrie Kelley It is hinted through their dialogue that they were once activists and possibly hippies during the 1960s, but have since become apathetic stoners. She was the first female Robin and the first Robin with living parents.

When did Robin become a girl?

9 The First Female Robin It is genuinely surprising DC took until 1985 to introduce a female Robin but it was a great introduction. Carrie took on the role and did what a Robin should do; she was the beacon of light in Batman’s world.

Who is the girl Robin saves in Batman Forever?

Rebecca Budig: Teenage Girl Quotes (1)

Who were the two female Robins?

Of the 11 writers announced as contributing to DC’s anniversary issue for Robin, only two are women: Devin Grayson and Amy Wolfram.

How many Robins did Batman have?

To date, there have been five Robins in Batman’s mainstream continuity. Just like Dick Grayson, and their mentor, most of them have their fair share of tragedy. But they’ve made it through several DC Crises and even death to form a crucial part of Gotham’s extended Bat-Family.

What happened to the girl Robin?

However, her death was later revealed to have been faked by Dr. Leslie Thompkins. In current DC Universe continuity, Stephanie Brown recently debuted in the weekly series BATMAN ETERNAL, which ended with her once again adopting the Spoiler identity as a way of taking revenge on her criminal father.