Is pureWash Pro worth it?

Is pureWash Pro worth it?

Is pureWash Pro worth it?

My Experience: Absolutely true! After washing my first load of laundry with the pureWash Pro, I noticed a significantly fresher smell. I had actually washed one load of laundry prior to installation, so I grabbed a shirt from each load (one from my typical “detergent laundered load”, and one using the pureWash Pro).

Does pureWash Pro work?

Unbelievably, our laundry is clean with only the cold, oxidized water. “Detergent build-up promotes mold growth and does not kill bacteria. Independent, scientific studies have proven pureWash Pro kills 99.9% of both with cold water.” (Sounds clean to me!) I do appreciate that I can add detergent if I want to.

When should I change my pureWash cartridge?

Minimal maintenance: The cartridge only needs to be replaced when the blue beads turn pink. The beads’ typical lifespan is a year, depending on the humidity in your laundry space and frequency of washing.

Do ozone laundry systems work?

We have found through testing that ozone does work for removing stains from laundry stains from laundry through an oxidation mechanism, whereby ozone and an OH radical (a breakdown product from ozone and cold water) can both work as oxidants.

What is Purewashpro?

pureWash Pro X2. pureWash Pro X2 transforms the water going into your washing machine by infusing 100% safe, natural oxidation which dissolves and removes residue and cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes your entire laundry.

Why is my pureWash light red?

The Indicator Light, viewed through the horizontal window on the front of your pureWash has two states of operation . Blue Light – Indicates normal operation of pureWash . Red Light – Indicates the fan or oxidizer generator is not operating properly .

Are ozone laundry systems worth it?

Last year, Consumer Reports tested two home ozone laundry systems, pureWash and Wash It, and found both systems did only a little better at cleaning than plain water.

Can ozone clean clothes?

Aqueous Ozone not only cleans your clothes, but it actually kills bacteria that make your laundry and laundry machine stink. After just a few washes that moldy smell will go away. WASH IN COLD: With the O3waterworks laundry attachment you can wash all of your clothes in cold water without the need for any detergent.

Does ozone break down fabric?

Ozone attacks soils and greases the same way it attacks bacteria and mold. This means that as soon as ozonated water comes in contact with linen and fabrics, it begins breaking down these contaminants so they can easily be removed from the fabric by detergents.

Does ozone remove grease?

Using ozone and oxidation technology you can effectively break down fats, odors and other unwanted substances.

What is pureWash Pro X2?

pureWash Pro X2 transforms the water going into your washing machine by infusing the oxidizing power of ozone, which dissolves and removes residue to clean and deodorize your laundry. pureWash Pro X2 brings large scale hospital technology into your home in a compact and easily installed system.