Is Peugeot Expert bigger than partner?

Is Peugeot Expert bigger than partner?

Is Peugeot Expert bigger than partner?

The Expert Compact bridges the gap from the smaller Peugeot Partner and the rest of the Expert range, with a shorter wheelbase of 2,925mm and an overall length of 4,600mm, but you can still fit two pallets inside. The standard van is 4,950mm long, while the Expert Long measures 5,300mm.

What engine is in a Peugeot Expert?

Peugeot Expert engines and trim levels At launch until May 2019 there were 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre BlueHDi diesel engine choices, covering a total of five power outputs from 95hp to 180hp. From May 2019 production onwards, the Peugeot Expert dropped the 1.6-litre engine in favour of a newer 1.5-litre BlueHDi motor.

Is Peugeot Expert front wheel drive?

What is it? The Expert is a medium-size, front-wheel drive panel van offered with three engines with two trim levels and manual and automatic transmission options.

What engine is in Peugeot Expert Tepee?

Peugeot offers two engine choices in the Tepee – a 90bhp 1.6 HDi or a 120bhp 2.0 HDi. The 1.6-litre engine is really for those who have plenty of time or are restricted on budget.

Is the Vauxhall Vivaro the same as the Peugeot Expert?

The electric Vauxhall Vivaro-e, the electric Citroen e-Dispatch and the electric Peugeot e-Expert are indeed all variants of the same van, and will share the same electric-drive specification.

Is Toyota Proace same as Peugeot Expert?

That’s because the Proace is mechanically identical to the Peugeot Expert, Citroen Dispatch and Vauxhall Vivaro which in theory means it’s a medium-sized van battling for sales with the Volkswagen Transporter, Ford Transit Custom and Renault Trafic.

Where is the Peugeot Expert made?

First generation (1994)

First generation
Also called Citroën Dispatch Fiat Scudo Peugeot Expert
Production June 1994 – January 2007 (Citroën) July 1995 – January 2007 (Peugeot) February 1996 – January 2007 (Fiat)
Assembly France: Lieu-Saint-Amand (Sevel Nord)
Body and chassis

How much is tax on a Peugeot Expert van?


Annual Road Tax CO2 Emissions (g/km)
2.0 HDi L2 (98bhp) Comfort (9 Seats) 5d (1 Aug 2011 – 30 Jun 2014) £290.00 179-183 (Band I)
1.6 HDi L1 Comfort 5d (6 seats) £330.00 191-194 (Band J)
1.6 HDi L1 Comfort 5d (9 seats) £330.00 194-198 (Band J)
1.6 HDi L2 Comfort 5d (6 seats) £330.00 194-198 (Band J)

What weight is a Peugeot Expert?

Peugeot Expert payload rating:

Peugeot Expert Compact max payload Standard max payload
BlueHDi 100 1,154kg 1,109kg
BlueHDi 145 1,446kg
BlueHDi 145 auto 1,412kg

Is the Toyota ProAce the same as the Vauxhall Vivaro?

Toyota Proace Design 2.0-litre Auto (six-speed) review Essentially the same vehicle as the latest Citroen Dispatch, Peugeot Expert and Vauxhall Vivaro but sold as standard with a five-year warranty, it’s a good value choice, too, especially if you’re planning to keep your next van for quite a while.

Is the new Vauxhall Vivaro a Peugeot?

The Vauxhall Vivaro is one of the best-selling vans in the UK and, importantly, it’s built here too. Today, it is based on the Citroën Dispatch and Peugeot Partner vans – all made by its parent company, PSA Group.

Is the Peugeot Expert a good car?

2021 Peugeot Expert DiscoverAuto Rating: 7.9/10 It’s roomy, comfortable, good to drive and (most importantly) one of the more practical offerings in the class. Even better for buyers is that the Expert range has just been updated for 2022 with more choice, more equipment and even a limited edition Sport model.