Is a Riddell speed a good helmet?

Is a Riddell speed a good helmet?

Is a Riddell speed a good helmet?

Riddell Speed | $340, The Speed continues to test well in every major study and is still popular at all levels, but it’s over 10 years old at this point. An older helmet does not equal a bad helmet by any means, but the newer helmet received the #5 spot.

What is Speed Classic?

The Riddell Speed Classic Helmet is an American football helmet featuring patented Side Impact Protection with the Classic Liner System, HS4 Face Mask, Quick Change Liner Attachment System, and Air Fit Liners for proper fit, comfort, and stability.

When did the Revo Speed helmet come out?

The Revolution was first distributed in 2002. As of 2007, Riddell had sold 750,000 Revolution helmets.

Who wears a Riddell speed in the NFL?

Derrick Henry, Melvin Gordon, Todd Gurley, and Devin Singletary wear the Riddell Speed in 2020. You can get the adult Speed from Riddell for for $340 or a youth Speed for $229.

What NFL players wear a Riddell Speed?

The other Riddell helmet worn by starting NFL QBs is the Riddell Speed. Deshaun Watson, Jared Goff, Baker Mayfield, and Sam Darnold all wear the Speed, a player (and fan) favorite for nearly a decade because of its lightweight, streamlined design.

What helmet does Odell Beckham Jr use?

Riddell Speed helmets
OBJ has favored the Riddell Speed helmets for most of his career. He was seen in one at LSU, to the Giants, and now with the Browns. This year, his facemask is a CU-S2BD-SW, similar to the S2BD he wore in college.

What is the highest rated football helmet?

Riddell’s SpeedFlex Helmets feature all the technological innovations designed to make it the company’s safest football helmet 2022. SpeedFlex features a modern, streamlined design and the patented Side Impact Protection that Riddell has incorporated into all the soccer helmets they are offering on the market today.