How much money did Kenneth Williams leave?

How much money did Kenneth Williams leave?

How much money did Kenneth Williams leave?

He had a stock of painkilling tablets and it is argued that he would have taken more of them if he had been intending suicide. He was cremated at East Finchley Cemetery, and his ashes were scattered in the memorial gardens. Williams left an estate worth just under £540,000 (equivalent to £1,480,316 in 2020).

What was Kenneth Williams last Carry On film?

Carry On Columbus
After a two-film absence (Camping and Up The Khyber) returned for Again Doctor, his final Carry On until taking the lead role in the 1992 revival film Carry On Columbus. Barbara Windsor (1937–2020) (10, including co-presenting That’s Carry On with Williams) played main roles in all her Carry On appearances.

What did the actor Michael K Williams died from?

Drug overdoseMichael Kenneth Williams / Cause of death

New York City’s medical examiner earlier ruled that Williams, 54, died of acute drug intoxication Sept. 6. He was found dead by family members in his penthouse apartment.

What movies was Michael J Williams in?


  • Known For. Skyscraper Visual Effects (2018)
  • Christopher Robin Visual Effects (2018)
  • Light and the Sufferer Visual Effects (2007)
  • Against the Wall Visual Effects (2011)
  • Visual Effects. Gears 5 (2019)
  • Christopher Robin (2018)
  • Skyscraper (2018)
  • Against the Wall (2011)

Was Michael Williams killed?

September 6, 2021Michael Kenneth Williams / Date of death

Is Michael K. Williams dead?

Deceased (1966–2021)Michael Kenneth Williams / Living or Deceased

What was Kenneth Williams like as a person?

As erudite as he was rude, Kenneth Williams is now remembered as the author of a bleak and illuminating diary and not just for his saucy anecdotes and Carry On films. But as a new authorised biography reveals, the outrageous performer and raconteur had melancholy secrets that are only now emerging.

When was the biography of Kenneth Williams published?

An authorised biography, Born Brilliant: The Life of Kenneth Williams, by Christopher Stevens, was published in October 2010. This drew for the first time on the full Williams archive of diaries and letters, which had been stored in a London bank for 15 years following publication of edited extracts.

What was the name of the radio interview with Kenneth Williams?

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Who is Michael Kenneth Williams?

Emmy nominated actor and producer, Michael Kenneth Williams is one of this generation’s most respected and acclaimed talents. By bringing complicated and charismatic characters to life-often with surprising tenderness-Williams has established himself as a gifted and versatile performer with a unique ability…