How much does a Turkish Van kitten cost?

How much does a Turkish Van kitten cost?

How much does a Turkish Van kitten cost?

Turkish Van cats cost between $800 – $1500.

How much does a Turkish Van cat cost UK?

Rehoming from a reputable source:

Average lifespan 12-14 years
Coat length Long
Possible health problems Nothing specific
Average purchase cost £200
Estimated cost over lifetime £13,600-£15,800

Are Turkish Van cats friendly?

Turkish Van Cat Personality They enjoy spending time with their family, and it’s not unusual for them to make a stronger bond with one family member, who they deem as “their person.” These cats can get along with cat-friendly dogs and other cats, though they are often said to prefer the company of another Turkish Van.

Are Van cats expensive?

Prices for purebred Turkish Van kittens start around $1,000. Some can be even more expensive if they come from championship lineage. And this covers just the initial cost of purchasing the kitten. You also need to factor in additional expenses, such as health care, bed, food, litter box, and more.

Do Turkish Vans like to cuddle?

Turkish Vans like to be cuddled and held on their own terms, though not for long periods of time, and while they’re loving cats, they aren’t very tolerant of people tugging at their tails or trying to pet them.

How long do Turkish Van cats live?

12–17 years
Turkish Van

height 10–14 inches
life span 12–17 years
good with children families cats
temperament sociable
intelligence high

What’s the life expectancy of a Turkish Van cat?

12-17 years
The expected Turkish Van cat lifespan is 12-17 years. Although this is the average life expectancy for cats of this breed, a cat’s longevity can be affected by numerous factors, including their diet, exercise regimen, living environment, and whether they have any health problems.