How much does a bag of white cement cost?

How much does a bag of white cement cost?

How much does a bag of white cement cost?

Federal White Cement, 92.4lb bag, Type 1

Our Price: $45.00
Your Total: $45.00

What is the price of cement Today Bangalore?

Today’s Cement Rate in Bangalore

Cement Price List Today
Birla Cement 53 Grade Rs.370
Coromandel Cement Rs.420
Dalmia Cement Rs.430
Ultratech Cement Rs.440

What is the cost of JK white cement?

White Cement JK White Cement, 50kg/bag, 20kg/bag, Rs 680/bag | ID: 13439620988.

What is the cost of 1 kg cement in India?

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This item Portland A Grade Cement (1 Kg, White, 25 x 20 x 5) J.K WHITE PORTLAND CEMENT 1 KG
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What is white cement used for?

White cement is used for repairing marble tiles and sheathing walls, floors, and roofs. The product is also mixed with other substrates to make the floor sheathing and wall skirting. The sole purpose of this product is to add charm and decoration to the building’s surface areas.

Can we use white cement for flooring?

Some of the popular applications of white concrete include the following: Flooring: A white concrete floor provides a texture with a naturally bright pigment. The advantage of using a white concrete mix is that it will not fade. Painting or staining gray cement can risk chipping or fading over time.

Which is best cement in Karnataka?

1. The India Cement –This Company rules South India’s Cement industry with its three cement brands – Shankar Super Power, Rassi Gold, and Coromondel King. All these brands have various verities of cements – OPC 43 Grade, OPC 53 Grade, PPC and PSC Cements.

How many bags of cement do I need for 1200 square feet?

The total density of cement is 1440 kg/cum and 1 bag has 50 kg of cement that 1440/50 is 28.80 bags/ cum. Therefore the approximate number of cement bags required (11.37×8. 35) is 95 bags.

What is the price of white cement in India?

Weird White Cement – White Portland Cement – 1800 GM Contact Ceme… J K WALL PUTTY WHITE CEMENT BASED WALL CARE PUTTY 1000 GRMAS Crac……J K White cement WHITE CEMENT Contact Cement (5000 ml)

Brand J K White cement
Quantity 5000 ml
Form Factor Powder
Suitable For Indoor, Outdoor

What is the difference between GREY and white cement?

The grey cement is the more commonly used cement everywhere, whereas the white cement is used for specific purposes only, or when a certain kind of finish is required….White Cement v/s Grey Cement.

Grey Cement White Cement
It has a lower refractive index. It has a higher refractive index.