How long to platinum resident evil 6?

How long to platinum resident evil 6?

How long to platinum resident evil 6?

Estimated Time To 100%: 40-50+ hours. Minimum Number Of Playthroughs Needed: 1 (2 are *strongly* recommended) Number Of Missable Trophies: Technically, no trophy is missable. Glitched Trophies: No known glitched trophies.

How many trophies does Resident Evil 6 have?

51 Trophies
Resident Evil 6 has 50 Achievements and 51 Trophies (including a Platinum Trophy for getting all 50 Trophies). Complete Chapter 2 in Jake’s campaign. Complete Chapter 4 in Ada’s campaign.

Does Resident Evil 4 have trophies?

Afterwards, the real fun begins. Defeat the village chief in battle. Turn the tables on Verdugo, the right hand of Salazar. Defeat Salazar, and make your escape from the castle….Resident Evil 4 Trophies.

Developer Capcom Production Studio 4
Publisher Capcom
Genres Shooter, Adventure
Themes Action, Horror, Survival
Mode Single player

What order should I play the RE6 campaign?

1. Play The Campaigns In Any Order, But You Might Want to Start With Jake’s

  1. Start with Jake’s first two chapters.
  2. Then play two chapters of Leon.
  3. Play Chris’ first two, next, which will bounce you around a bit but…
  4. You’ll then be at the moments when the three main campaigns begin to intersect a lot.

What is the hardest Resident Evil to platinum?

The only thing spookier than the Resident Evil franchise is how hard some of the achievements/trophies in them are….10 Hardest Resident Evil Trophies & Achievements To Get, Ranked

  1. 1 Ghost of a Chance.
  2. 2 Just Get Me Outta Here.
  3. 3 Resource Manager.
  4. 4 Save Your Prayers.
  5. 5 This is Serious Business.

How hard is it to platinum re8?

This is a relatively quick platinum. The story trophies can be done in 10-15 Hours and are a 4/10 difficulty, thanks to Infinite Ammo Cheats and very forgiving Speedrun requirements.

Why does Resident Evil 4 not have a platinum?

10 Resident Evil 4 Originally a GameCube exclusive, the title has since been ported to every system under the sun. Unlike some of its series brethren, however, it has never offered a platinum trophy, and its list, in general, is quite uninspired for such a classic.

Is there a platinum trophy for re4?

I’m more disappointed by the fact that I know some people won’t play a game because it doesn’t have a platinum trophy than the fact that some games that should have a platinum trophy don’t. Resident Evil 4 is a good example of that. I’m probably in the minority here, but I’m OK with Little Nightmares not having a plat.