How do you analyze 10046 trace?

How do you analyze 10046 trace?

How do you analyze 10046 trace?

Analyzing the Oracle 10046 Trace File

  1. Trace Event types in Oracle.
  2. Types of Oracle trace events.
  3. Displaying Oracle Trace Event files.
  4. Create Oracle Trace file for 10046.
  5. When to use Oracle 10046 Trace.
  6. Analyzing the Oracle 10046 Trace File.
  7. Reading Trace File sections, parse, execute, fetch & wait.

Where is the trace file generated in Oracle?

Answer: You find trace files in the $ADR_HOME directory is located by default at $ORACLE_BASE/diag, with the trace file directories for each instance at $ORACLE_HOME/diag/$ORACLE_SID, at the same level as the traditional bdump, udump and cdump directories.

What is Oracle trace file analyzer TFA?

Oracle Trace File Analyzer (TFA) provides a number of diagnostic tools in a single bundle, making it easy to gather diagnostic information about the Oracle database and clusterware, which in turn helps with problem resolution when dealing with Oracle Support.

What is Tkprof and how is it used?

TKPROF output can be generated from a raw SQL Trace. It formats and summarizes the diagnostic information from the raw SQL Trace. TKPROF allows you to analyse a trace file in easy way to determine where time is being spent and what query plans are being used on SQL statements.

How do I Analyse a .trace file?

Find the target events.

  1. Open the trace file or table, and expand the node of the desired event class; for example, Deadlock Chain.
  2. Search through the trace data until you find the events for which you are looking (use the Find command on the Edit menu of SQL Server Profiler to help you find values in the trace).

Which is the default level in a trace file?

By default, each SQL Trace is set to level 1.

How do I locate a trace file?

To find all trace files for the current instance: Submit the following query: SELECT VALUE FROM V$DIAG_INFO WHERE NAME = ‘Diag Trace’; The path to the ADR trace directory for the current instance is returned.

What is TRC and TRM files in Oracle?

trc” file. The files located in the TRACE directory, with the “. trm” extensions, are called Trace Metadata files. The metadata in . trm files describe the trace records stored inside of .

How do I know if TFA is running?

Use the tfactl status command to check the run status of Oracle Trace File Analyzer. Use the tfactl stop command to stop the Oracle Trace File Analyzer daemon on the local node, and also to stop the desired support tool.

Is OSWatcher part of TFA?

TFA can include OSWatcher, but more importantly it adds a lot of value over and above what OSWatcher does.